January 2019 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC January Meeting Minutes – 01/08/19, 6:30pm


Attendees: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Brian Schultz, Rachel Carlson, Becky Smith, Michelle Swenson, Kari Henry, Gina Hendrickson, Lisa Henningsen, Amy Schwingler, Xinyun Zhu.

Approval of December Minutes:

Gina H motioned to approve, Amy seconded.

Principal Update (Karen):  

  • Update: In the middle of full schedules, many events are going on. We had lockdown w/options drill and it went very well.  Three more drills remain this year, the next one at the end of this month. The most recent all school meeting celebrated the 5th graders and their visit to Wolf Ridge.  The third week of December the food service had a “Winter Woodland” theme to decorate the cafeteria. January began with the Geography Bee, next week will be the SAGE Geography Bee. The class of 2032 Kindergarten presentation was done as well with a successful group attending.  There are choir concerts next week and ESTEM night at the end of the month on 01/31/19 @ 6:30 pm. More information to come.
  • Elementary Principal Group:  Discussing celebrations across the district.  Celebrations have been modified however they are not consistent across the district.  At WestWood we don’t worry about costumes, etc. Winter celebrations try to be accessible to all students.  February will still be Valentine’s themed however many teachers do a “kindness” theme. As a group, the principals would like to get input from all parents so that there is consistency.  They feel that the student experiences should be similar. Mrs. Z is hoping to schedule something during our March meeting to get input from parents, take that, and move forward planning for next year.
  • Joint PTC meeting:  The principals would like to suggest a joint PTC meeting coming together and doing break out sessions. There will also be an update on the attendance boundaries.  

Teachers: Mrs. Henningsen and Mrs. Schwingler were in attendance tonight, thank you for joining us!  They discussed that they appreciate the support from the PTC. I Love To Read Month will be Rock-N-Roll theme this year.  They are also coordinating Junior Naturalists, which they enjoy, and the kids get really excited about all the activities.  They also stated how it is great to get to know the kids and be with them outside of the classroom.

Wolf Ridge:  PTC helps to make it possible for all the kids to go to Wolf Ridge. The generosity is much appreciated.  Jess asked if we can post some photos on Facebook from Wolf Ridge.

DOGS (Brian) – Brian said that the WestWood D.O.G.S did come to the bean bag tournament. There are still D.O.G.S days happening, the next one is the last Friday of the month. D.O.G.S night is next Monday however it will likely be changed now that football season is ending. Brian doesn’t feel like he has a good solid core group yet, notable to help w/Family Fun Night.  Becky was not able to be here but Jess will reach out to her regarding the games and coordinating collecting and setting them up. All of the games are still under investigation and open to suggestions, TBD. Brian would also like to get a sledding/skating afternoon w/hot chocolate if possible as part of the D.O.G.S.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

  • Current balance – See budget detail.  
  • ESTEM – There is money for this and the reptile visitor will be here again this year!  
  • ILTRM(I Love To Read Month): The funds for this have been allotted along with an author visit.    
  • RAT-$14,000 came in from Get Movin Crew
  • Microscopes were delivered.  Amy will check in with Ms.Tindal.  
  • Flexible seating update. WestWood will lean on Redtail and stage a couple of rooms here to see what seems to fit best and check the options. It will take a long time to figure out the best needs.  For now given the cost of flexible seating and the total funds from Read A Thon we will be researching and continue to think of the options.
  • Possible shoe recycling fundraiser – Nichole will find and forward for discussion at the next meeting.
  • Butter Braids:  How many order forms do we need? Top sales may earn lunch with Mrs. Z.  
  • Restaurant nights: More to come and will be on the calendar. BWW and Davanni’s are set up.  
  • Funding request – Field trip kinder went to stages theatre

Discussion topics (Jessica) :

Family Fun Night: We need some help.  Phone calls, building baskets.  Not a lot will change from last year except the balloon lady will have limited menu of options so the line is not as long. We are waiting to hear back from the face painter still. Meetings will be set up for FFN. Let Jess know if you would like to be a part of that. Also, Gina encouraged that teachers can help and sign up as well, as the kids love to have the teachers there.

Michelle asked about the tickets etc,however that will be delegated to someone else.  More to come. Family Fun Night this year will be held on 02/22/19.  

Round Robin: Amy is very excited that we made it to round robin. 🙂 Following Read A Thon, the Get Movin Crew sent a thank you for our volunteer work.  Brian asked about Radon testing at the school, and Mrs. Zwolenski reported that crews have started the monitoring as of this morning.  Brian also suggested that the D.O.G.S help with the Junior Naturalist field trips and projects. Rachel has an uncle that could cut wood for the houses as well for a low cost.

Wrap up:



  • Please help find volunteers for Family Fun Night.  Spread the word!
  • We also need baskets and donations for FFN, please share!


  • Next meeting is Tuesday, 02/05/19 @ 6:30 pm, WestWood Media Center
  • Gina motioned to adjourn, Brian seconded.  Motion passed.


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December 2018 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC December Meeting Minutes – 12/04/18, 6:30pm


Attendees: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Stacey Sorenson, Melissa Campion, Rachel Carlson, Becky Smith, Michelle Swenson.

Approval of November Minutes:

Rachel motioned to approve, Melissa seconded. One change in budget for substitute teachers. Motion passed.

Principal Update (Karen):  

  • December: Conferences had a great turnout. The next few weeks are loaded w/activities. All is going really well overall and the teachers are doing well w/keeping things structured amidst the busy holiday time. Winter parties are planned for before winter break and will include a variety of ESTEM and other activities.  
  • Kindergarten Registration:  Kindergarten registration will begin on 01/17/19.  The registration will be online this year. There will be a district wide information meeting for those who need it, on Monday,01/07/19.  There will also be email communication and other media outlets. There will be sessions at the district for those who do not have email access, where they will have kiosks and individuals to assist for the process.  Estimated numbers for incoming classes are in the 600 range. The current average is 500-600 per class at WestWood. There will be a tour the first week of May, and in August “Great Start to Kindergarten.”
  • New lockdown procedure:  It is mandated to have 5 drills in the state of MN.  Based on research due to increased violence at schools in our country, the lockdowns were not the most effective, much of this based on the tragedy at Sandy Hook. We know now that some of the procedures were inappropriate, depending on the situation.  A video was played which will be shown to the middle and high school students, not the elementary. There has been one “shelter in place” lockdown. The doors get locked and the teachers continue to teach. The goal is to keep the kids in place and out of the hallway.  There will be another drill practiced this month, next week, which is called “lockdown with options.” The protocol will now be called “run, hide, fight.” The teachers have a script for the elementary kids for the fight component of the protocol. The question was raised regarding the parents viewing the instructional video and an email was sent with the link for the secondary level.  There were many questions/concerns raised and Mrs. Zwolenski assured us that the procedures are in place and there is a solid plan to keep all the children safe. All the PTCs in the district had this on their agendas as well. There is cell phone access and phones in every room. There are walkie talkies in the building but not everyone always has access to the PA system. There was a suggestion to tell parents when we have the lockdown drill. Where the children should run was also questioned/discussed.  Jessica will post content to the PTC Facebook page. We discussed what procedures we may need to have in place during the times when we have activities at school during non-school hours. Mrs. Zwolenski pointed out that we have access to the office and directions for if we did have to make an announcement.

The email was sent from Mrs. Zwolenski on 11/08/18 to describe the new lockdown drill.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

  • Current balance – See budget detail.  There were some spent on pie in the face and duct tape for Read A Thon.  
  • Review/approve budget – See budget detail.  The items in blue should be done at this point.  Amy wanted to highlight what is “left in the budget.” Things are currently looking good. The conference dinners provided feedback that it was difficult to stay within budget. We will need to discuss the microscopes and flexible seating.  Kindergarten also used some field trip money for Dakota Village and we also provide funds for Wolf Ridge.
  • RAT: Waiting on get movin crew money, see details/summary below.  
  • Others: Movie ticket check came in and waiting on the restaurant. We have launched the Jostens store, and it is also pinned to the top of the Facebook page.  Jess will message Kirsten to put a message on SeeSaw. T-shirts are done now through Fee Pay. Jess will give Amy the details on the numbers from the T-shirts.

Discussion topics (Jessica) :

Read A Thon:  Thank you to Melissa, Stacey, Erika, and Alexa as well for all the assistance.  Next steps for purchasing the microscopes and flexible seating. We can likely go ahead and purchase the microscopes.  We need to research the flexible seating. We can likely divide what is left from the purchase and divide it by classroom.  Glendale did the same and there was a recommended list of items. Red Tail Ridge also has some seating options. Karen will discuss w/teachers some of the seating option likely at the next staff meeting. We will focus on the classrooms for now.  Next steps we will get the microscopes and see what money we have left over. Amy will work with Ms. Tindal and Beverley.

The Read A Thon pizza party will be in the next two weeks as well.  There will need to be a note sent home to the parents regarding who will be getting pizza due to potential food allergies. Jessica has the list of the kids who made $150 and above.  If kids can’t have that type of pizza they will need to get school pizza.

T-shirt updates:  We are done and there are extra.  If we need to switch out we can or we will perhaps sell them at Family Fun Night.  We can discount the older t-shirts as well.

Family Fun Night :  This will be on 02/22/19. We have Brooke L working on food. She is already soliciting donations.  Jess will do games as she did them last year. Becky will assist as well. Becky suggested D.O.G.S to assist us. We need to double check on other schools activities to be sure we don’t need to get the games back to the school the following day. We will have Brian reach out to other D.O.G.S. to help us get the bigger games as well.

Silent auction – Michelle Swenson joined our meeting tonight, she will be taking over the silent auction.  We need a sign up sheet for those interested in family fun night. She has names of past volunteers and wants to know who she is able to reach out to.  There is an updated list. Plan to get together and decide on needs to send out an email. There will need to be more people to assist w/the check out portion of the evening, also those who will communicate to the winners.  

The question was raised regarding whether or not alcohol based gift certificates allowed? It was determined this is appropriate as they are gift certificates. Michelle will email some of the local businesses for silent auction.  Valleyfair was attempted however we need to see if we have it, as it is only given out once per year.

Wrap up:



  • Amy will plan to connect with Beverley and Ms. Tindal to order microscopes. Mrs. Zwolenski will discuss the flexible seating options at the next staff meeting
  • Jess will coordinate the Family Fun Night Kick off meeting
  • Michelle will reach out to those interested in helping w/the Silent Auction



  • Next meeting is Tuesday, 01/08/19 @ 6:30 pm, WestWood Media Center
  • Jess motioned to adjourn, Rachel seconded.  Motion passed.


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