October 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

October 1st, 2019
Attendees: Jessica Olstad, President; Rachel Carlson, Vice President; Clare Presly, Treasurer; Dana Borror, Secretary; Principal Zwolinski; Stacey Sorensen; Alice Henry; Jaya Kokotovich; Melissa Campion; Becky Smith; Jim Speiker; Fides Moreno; Jamoa Ali

Welcome and Approval of September Minutes – Jessica Olstad
• Introduction of the board and panel guest speakers
• Request for approval of September minutes
• Motion to approve: Minutes approved

Principal Update – Principal Zwolinski
• Westwood newsletter went out today and contains lots of great highlights
• Updates on enrollment
• Announcements on school celebration
o No longer holding 1-hour parties to celebrate holidays
o Many celebrations through the year
o Opportunities for parents to volunteer
• Principal Zwolinski expresses gratitude for her time here as she prepares for her move to Hamilton Ridge

Treasurer Report – Clare Presly
• Current Balance
o Paid student benefit letters
o Paid for flexible seating and waiting for invoice for tables
o Paid for the planners which was more than anticipated
o Income from Rotary Club and Benevity
o Total expenses for September $20,126.86
o Balance $16,189.00

Guest Speakers: Panel on Behavior – Lisa Henningsen, Elizabeth Frye, Kirstin Stier
• Kristin Stier
o Sleep makes a huge difference – a well-rested child is a well-behaved child
o Routines and structure are highly important
o Mornings, after school, mealtime and bedtime are the most challenging
o See how your children problem solve on their own without stepping in
o Coach rather than punish. Sometimes children are lacking in a coping skill. Show them how to process these feelings/challenges.
o Understand that some behavior is age appropriate such as stealing
o Find ways to say yes to children
o Observe times to catch them doing good
o Stay calm – children model us
o Ross W. Green, author of The Explosive Child says,
“Children do well if they can” and “Children who need love the most ask for it in the most unloving ways”.
• Elizabeth Frye
o We need to model how making mistakes is okay
o When we as parents make a mistake, acknowledge it, talk through it
o Kids sometimes shut down when they don’t have the skills
o We need a growth mindset to get there together
o When homework is hard for our kids, how can you keep it positive?
o We don’t have a lot of time with our children when they get home for school, so adjust accordingly and find a routine and structure that works and leave some room for flexibility.
o Connect and reflect with your children before bed
• Lisa Hennigsen
o Preserve your relationship with your child
o If they’re struggling, take a break
o Know that nothing is more valuable than your relationship with your child
o Each child has their own path and sometimes you have to let go of expectations
o Be mindful of where your child is at and know that they want to please you
o Set them up for success with routines and structure
• Karen Zwolinski, 2 grown daughters
o Your children are not you. Sometimes you’ve got to get over yourself and adjust expectations.
o Accept the fact that sometimes they’re going to blow it
o As a parent, allow yourself some grace – you are doing what you can and doing your best.
• Question and Answer Session with Panelists
o What are age appropriate chores?
• cleaning the table off, taking the garbage out, empty dishwasher, put away clothes, washing the sink. Google has great ideas.
• Some things there are chores, some are part of being part of the family.
• Allowing them to have chores that earn money and sort them into give, spend and save will teach them good uses of money.
• Give your children choices of which chores they should do.
o What are the best ways to handle not listening?
• Don’t engage in power struggles
• Say it once and allow them time to process it
• Pick your battles
• Express family values – “this is how we act in this family. You have this choice or this choice. Here are consequences…”
• The biggest emotions are between a parent and a child and it’s easy to
get sucked down the rabbit hole of frustration.
• Prep yourself – if it goes this way, this is how I will react.
• Using Green choices and Red choices
• Be consistent, clarify expectations
• Oppositional behavior really shows up around 6
• The behavior changes show up as cognitive ability develops
 Find the opportunity for choices
•  Teach your children that every choice comes with a consequence (positive or negative)
o What is the best way to deal with children that are lying about things?
•  Use processing questions
• How did that make them/you feel?
• What can we do next time?
• Explain how that feels to you as a parent
•  Stay calm and get to the root
• What was the fear they were having that caused them to lie?
•  Help them understand that the problem typically gets worse with lying, not better.
•  Don’t accuse them, help them come around
o Is it best for children to do homework right after school or later in the evening?
•  Whatever works for your family
•  Each student is different
•  Define what works and create a schedule around that
•  Help your child with their time management and evaluate the right amount of time the task will take
o How can you get your child to open up about their day?
•  Open ended questions
•  Asking what the highs and lows are
•  Who did you sit with at lunch? What did you learn in math? What was the best part?
•  Summarizing is hard for kids so get specific
•  Share a story with them about your day and model it
•  What is your goal for the day? – ask that in the morning and then they’ll be more cognizant to push for something and tell you about it.
 Look at the calendar and check-in on what they did that day so that you can be specific
• Play would you rather and ask why after each question.
o What advice do you have to get kids to sleep?
•  No electronics an hour before bed
•  Read a story before bed
•  Routine
•  Shower and bath can be calming
•  Magnesium and melatonin
•  A four-step process for bed that can be put in any order and the child chooses – brush teeth, put on pj’s, read the book, use the washroom.
•  A warning helps – “In 10 minutes we’ll be going to bed”

Discussion Topics – Jessica Olstad
• Homecoming Week
o We’re in the middle of homecoming week
o First game is on Friday – 7:00 pm at Dan Patch Stadium
• We’re looking for childcare volunteers while the PTC meeting is occurring
o We are kid friendly, but we’d love a couple of volunteers to assist while parents attend the PTC meeting
o Link to volunteer located HERE
• Kindness in Chalk –
o Write encouraging fun messages on the sidewalk this Sunday
o It takes about an hour
o Chalk provided
o Link to volunteer located HERE
• Butter Braids and Read-a-Thon switch
o We’re switching the dates
o Read-a-thon will be in February during “I love to read” month
o Butter Braids will occur during fall
• DOGS Project Ideas
o Bryan Schultz has put DOGS together and Jim Speiker is representing tonight
o DOGS built ukulele racks for the music room
o Last Friday of every month is DOGS day and we’re encouraging parents to have lunch with their children at school or join their children at recess
o We had about 10 dads join last month
o DOGS will be getting together for Monday night football
o Working to encourage dads to be involved with children’s education
o Last year during the Read-a-thon it was brought up that we’d love to see an outdoor learning/reading space.
o We need to put up bird houses on the berm based on the kids research that they did last year. There are 5.
o Jeffers sold wood duck houses with DOGS and then sold them during parent teacher conferences and raised money for the school
o DOGS could build boot holders for the classrooms
o Old logo T-shirts
•  Old Westwood t-shirts can be made into cloth diapers
•  We would just need to cut them and a woman in Haiti sews them and
donates to local women in Haiti
•  This could be a good service project idea.
o We would need trailers to get access to some of the bigger games for family fun night.
•  Jim to reach out to DOGS and see if we can enlist some help with the trailers
•  All of the games are shared throughout the district

Round Robin Discussion – Group
• Homecoming night – free hot chocolate under the tent – we’d love to see you
• Some funds available PL Savage Optimist Club so if there is a worthy cause please let them know
• Fundraiser this Thursday at St. Michael’s Church (on SeeSaw)

Adjournment – Jessica Olstad
• Motion to adjourn – approved

Westwood PTC
Treasurer Report
September 2019

Starting Bank Balance (8/31/2019): $35,139.14
Cash Balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)
 $5,718 Student Benefit Dollars
 $110.85 Gina Gertner (Ice Cream Social Prizes)
 $11,360.90 Moving Minds (Flexible Seating)
 $50 Cash for the Westwood Safe
 $1,537.50 Student Planners
 $80 Noon Supervisors (Playground Equipment)
 $131.52 Writing Binders for 3 rd Grade
 $28.91 Walgreens (Ice Cream Social Expenses)
 $4.85 Cedar Printing (Ice Cream Social Expenses)
 $186.33 Schwann’s (Frozen treats for Ice Cream Social)
 $918 The Bakken Museum (4 th Field Trip – does not include SAGE)

Total Expenses September 2019: $20,126.86

 $1,155.30 Rotary Club (LakeFront MusicFest)
 $21.42 Benevity

Total Income September 2019: $1176.72

Current Bank Balance, 9/30/2019: $16,189.00

-Uncleared checks: $286.12
 $176 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
 $110.12 Ms Frye (5 th Grade Celebration Treats)

-Uncleared deposits: $12.75
 $12.75 Journal entry for school store

Final Bank Balance $15,915.63 + Cash balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

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