September 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC – September Meeting (9-3-19) Minutes

Attendance: Jess Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Clare Presley, Rachel Carlson, Louis Clifton, Alice Henry, Nikki Draine, Meghan Best, Brian Schulz, Lauren Vegdahl, Becky Smith, Erica Delain

Introductions – everyone introduced themselves to the group

  1. DOGS update – Brian (leader) says he has several of dads interested in joining the group. He also might have a project – building ukulele carts for the music room (among other projects)!
  2. Principal update (Karen Zwolenski) – It’s been a “busy summer!” She says she’s so “proud of the community for supporting us and building our new spaces” which includes a new art room and music room, a renovated “Laker learning lab” where Kids Company will now be housed and a new cafeteria.

Flex seating has arrived and is in rooms – mostly chairs and tables all around the building, a couple raised desks. She says research shows that relaxed and comfy students learn more, even though there are still several children who prefer using traditional desks.

Enrollment – 512 as of Sept. 3 (SAGE and other)

Parent info session and ice cream social is set for Sept. 19 (rain date is a week later)

  • Louis Clifton (physical education) introduced parents to his “exercise challenge” at the beginning of each month. He’s going to try to get 50% participation. The Sept. theme is “start the school year right.” Students complete and sign it to turn in to teacher to enter drawing for a t-shirt or something…
  1. Clare passed out the treasurer report (attached).
  2. Guest speaker: Kielyn Simonson, OrgaNice founder (
  3. 3 basic principles to organizing:
  4. Every single item needs a home – needs a place – “a place to live” Think about that when you bring something into your home, from toilet paper to groceries.
  5. If it can be done in 5 minutes or less, do it now. Do little tasks that can weigh on your mind until you’re overwhelmed.
  6. Plan ahead – think about your day, week, month and plan ahead. File cabinets command center – calendar, hanging file, one for each child, bills, label by person or category. Even load your car for the week.
  7. Other tips:
    • Have a snack bag that’s quick – especially with young children
    • Store “like” with “like” – not all over the house. Cleaning supplies in one place, for example.
    • Files for each child
    • Trunk organizer for the car – for extracurriculars. Make time on Sunday to stock the car for the week (store returns, exercise, paperwork that needs to be dropped off, etc.)
    • Freezer meals – podcast recommendation “Edit your Life” – have episodes dedicated to pantry meals, etc. if you’re the one that cooks in your family – create a list called brainless crowd pleasers – easy meals that everyone loves for the days you need the easiness.
    • Post the dinner schedule for everyone so everyone is on the same page
    • Kids need a landing spot – make it easier to succeed so they stay tidy – bins for shoes, hold them to it. Open bins with labels work better for ones with lids or tops – take pictures of different categories and stick on front of bins
    • Clothesline clips for art – or dedicated bins. Once it’s full, needs to be emptied
    • Sunday night flash mob – 15 minutes of everyone puts stuff away – put on music – but that 15 minutes is sacred
    • Pick out the clothes for the next day

Kielyn mentioned she’ll do a promo code of $25 off a session if you mention WestWood.

  1. Other Discussion Items
  2. SUG for volunteer positions – this is a link to sign up for items/subjects that interest you. IT doesn’t commit anyone – just something to be aware of and the PTC can send updates as warranted.
  3. Read-a-Thon prep – big fundraiser and will be getting organized very soon
  4. Homecoming Week (Sept. 30-Oct. 4) – ideas for themed days that week are:
    1. PJ Day (a favorite!)
    2. Crazy hair Day
    3. Hat Day
    4. Blue-Gold Laker Day
    5. Backwards Day
    6. Sports Day
    7. Mismatch Day
  5. Post on “Concerned Citizens of Prior Lake” FB page showed picture of chairs, etc. in a WestWood dumpster. Karen pointed out that the staff takes great care to sort out what furniture to keep and what furniture has seen the end of the line – for the safety of the students. Many items were starting to rust.

Westwood PTC

Treasurer Report

July/August 2019

August 31 2019 Bank Balance: $35,139.14

Cash Balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

Previous bank balance: $35,390.12

Expense Activities

  • $99 to WordPress annual subscription
  • $18 to WordPress   domain registration
  • $58.34 new checkbooks
  • $215 Quickbooks online subscription renewal
  • $204 outstanding check to Mike’s Mini Donuts cleared the bank
  • $100 outstanding check to Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats) cleared the bank

Incoming Funds

  • $349.26 WW Night at Target Field
  • $50 DOGS
  • $44.10 Amazon Smile

Current Bank Balance, 8/31/2019: $35,139.14

-Uncleared checks $6004.12

  • $176 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
  • $110.12 Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats)
  • $5718 Student Benefit Dollars
  • $12.75 Journal entry for school store

Final Bank Balance $29,147.77. +Cash balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

Final balance sheet: $29,187.77

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June 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC June Meeting Minutes – 06/04/19, 6:30pm

Attendees:  Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Brian Schultz, Jessica Olstad, Rachel Carlson

Approval of May 2019 meeting Minutes:

Amy motioned to approve, Rachel seconded. 

Principal Update (Karen):  

  • Thank you to PTC: Thank you for the hard work during the year!  It is much appreciated.  
  • End of year:   The end of the year is going well, many field trips, celebrations, track and field days.  Mr. Larson really felt bad about the weather and he organized a half day track and field day.  Wednesday is Grade 1-4 day. Kindergarten graduation and all school meeting will focus celebrating Mr. Tressel.  It has been an incredible year and we are very grateful. Thank you Mr. Tressel for all you have shared with us!! We will miss you!

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

    • Current balance – See budget detail and treasurer report
    • Draft of budget for next year– See budget detail.  Estimate of line items for next year was discussed in detail.
    • Restaurant nights – Wendys was our most successful over half of the total.
    • Games by James:  We were successful, over $800 was earned.


  • Funding requests –  Flexible seating discussion. Mrs. Z put together a 3 step plan for this. Step 1 and 2 we can put money towards. Step 3 we could start working toward with the Read – A – Thon next year.  The steps will be to build for each classroom subsequently. Currently, the total is $16,138 for step 1 and 2 and there are other funds, also to go toward that from another source. Jess made a motion to approve Step 1 and 2 for flexible seating. Brian seconded.
  • Student benefit dollars – The teachers had a December date to use the money by.  It was asked why do they not have all year to use it? Mrs. Z noted that they have to finish by March typically and she prefers that teachers spend early so they plan ahead. She also emphasized that they need to be intentional with what they need for the school year. 


  • Clare Presly will officially transition to the new Treasurer role for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Discussion topics (Jessica) :

SUG for next year volunteers: We are still hoping to get more. Jess will push through the summer as appropriate. 

PTC as thought leaders & project timelines: Jess met w/Mrs. Z last week regarding the future of PTC for next year and shifting of families for next fall based on the boundary changes.  How/what do we need to look at differently.  

-Thought leaders vs. fundraising  

-Bylaws should be revised/refreshed

-How do we use PTC as parental/teacher/children experts and what does that look like? 

-Do we have a guest speaker at each meeting? 

-What do we wish as parents for the incoming parents? 

-Behavior and kids and what to expect

-Organizational tips (invite expert in) 

-Advice for living in tech world now

-What do teachers need help with from the parents

-Setting a timeline for the major projects

-Can PTC have or own a SeeSaw account?

School calendar 2019-2020 – Jess will start on that as well as Kirsten needs those dates to put it together.  There are some nights (FFN) that we need to coordinate.  

Reminder: Next board meeting is next Monday night where they will vote on boundaries.

Back to school night – 08.28.19 

Great Start to Kindergarten – 08.06.19 and 08.07.19

It is imperative that we have volunteers to support these ventures. Without them, many of the fun activities we provide throughout the school year for the children would not be possible. 

Wrap up:



  • We have many open positions for next year!  Please consider helping, the time commitment is really minimal in the big picture.  Many hands make light work!


  • Next meeting is TBD, WestWood Media Center
  • Rachel motioned to adjourn, Jessica seconded.  Motion passed. 



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