September 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC – September Meeting (9-3-19) Minutes

Attendance: Jess Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Clare Presley, Rachel Carlson, Louis Clifton, Alice Henry, Nikki Draine, Meghan Best, Brian Schulz, Lauren Vegdahl, Becky Smith, Erica Delain

Introductions – everyone introduced themselves to the group

  1. DOGS update – Brian (leader) says he has several of dads interested in joining the group. He also might have a project – building ukulele carts for the music room (among other projects)!
  2. Principal update (Karen Zwolenski) – It’s been a “busy summer!” She says she’s so “proud of the community for supporting us and building our new spaces” which includes a new art room and music room, a renovated “Laker learning lab” where Kids Company will now be housed and a new cafeteria.

Flex seating has arrived and is in rooms – mostly chairs and tables all around the building, a couple raised desks. She says research shows that relaxed and comfy students learn more, even though there are still several children who prefer using traditional desks.

Enrollment – 512 as of Sept. 3 (SAGE and other)

Parent info session and ice cream social is set for Sept. 19 (rain date is a week later)

  • Louis Clifton (physical education) introduced parents to his “exercise challenge” at the beginning of each month. He’s going to try to get 50% participation. The Sept. theme is “start the school year right.” Students complete and sign it to turn in to teacher to enter drawing for a t-shirt or something…
  1. Clare passed out the treasurer report (attached).
  2. Guest speaker: Kielyn Simonson, OrgaNice founder (
  3. 3 basic principles to organizing:
  4. Every single item needs a home – needs a place – “a place to live” Think about that when you bring something into your home, from toilet paper to groceries.
  5. If it can be done in 5 minutes or less, do it now. Do little tasks that can weigh on your mind until you’re overwhelmed.
  6. Plan ahead – think about your day, week, month and plan ahead. File cabinets command center – calendar, hanging file, one for each child, bills, label by person or category. Even load your car for the week.
  7. Other tips:
    • Have a snack bag that’s quick – especially with young children
    • Store “like” with “like” – not all over the house. Cleaning supplies in one place, for example.
    • Files for each child
    • Trunk organizer for the car – for extracurriculars. Make time on Sunday to stock the car for the week (store returns, exercise, paperwork that needs to be dropped off, etc.)
    • Freezer meals – podcast recommendation “Edit your Life” – have episodes dedicated to pantry meals, etc. if you’re the one that cooks in your family – create a list called brainless crowd pleasers – easy meals that everyone loves for the days you need the easiness.
    • Post the dinner schedule for everyone so everyone is on the same page
    • Kids need a landing spot – make it easier to succeed so they stay tidy – bins for shoes, hold them to it. Open bins with labels work better for ones with lids or tops – take pictures of different categories and stick on front of bins
    • Clothesline clips for art – or dedicated bins. Once it’s full, needs to be emptied
    • Sunday night flash mob – 15 minutes of everyone puts stuff away – put on music – but that 15 minutes is sacred
    • Pick out the clothes for the next day

Kielyn mentioned she’ll do a promo code of $25 off a session if you mention WestWood.

  1. Other Discussion Items
  2. SUG for volunteer positions – this is a link to sign up for items/subjects that interest you. IT doesn’t commit anyone – just something to be aware of and the PTC can send updates as warranted.
  3. Read-a-Thon prep – big fundraiser and will be getting organized very soon
  4. Homecoming Week (Sept. 30-Oct. 4) – ideas for themed days that week are:
    1. PJ Day (a favorite!)
    2. Crazy hair Day
    3. Hat Day
    4. Blue-Gold Laker Day
    5. Backwards Day
    6. Sports Day
    7. Mismatch Day
  5. Post on “Concerned Citizens of Prior Lake” FB page showed picture of chairs, etc. in a WestWood dumpster. Karen pointed out that the staff takes great care to sort out what furniture to keep and what furniture has seen the end of the line – for the safety of the students. Many items were starting to rust.

Westwood PTC

Treasurer Report

July/August 2019

August 31 2019 Bank Balance: $35,139.14

Cash Balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

Previous bank balance: $35,390.12

Expense Activities

  • $99 to WordPress annual subscription
  • $18 to WordPress   domain registration
  • $58.34 new checkbooks
  • $215 Quickbooks online subscription renewal
  • $204 outstanding check to Mike’s Mini Donuts cleared the bank
  • $100 outstanding check to Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats) cleared the bank

Incoming Funds

  • $349.26 WW Night at Target Field
  • $50 DOGS
  • $44.10 Amazon Smile

Current Bank Balance, 8/31/2019: $35,139.14

-Uncleared checks $6004.12

  • $176 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
  • $110.12 Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats)
  • $5718 Student Benefit Dollars
  • $12.75 Journal entry for school store

Final Bank Balance $29,147.77. +Cash balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

Final balance sheet: $29,187.77

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