March 2019 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC March Meeting Minutes – 03/11/19, 6:30pm

Attendees: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Brian Schultz, Rachel Carlson, Melissa Campion, Kari Henry, Alexa Chapin, Rachel Carlson

Approval of January Minutes:

Jessica motioned to approve,  Amy seconded.

Principal Update (Karen):  

  • District celebrations discussion: Elementary principals have discussed having consistency across the district for celebrations. What are we currently doing, and what do we think about this? Guiding question: What is the student experience that we want for every student at PLSAS?  Two questions were discussed: 1) How would you like to see your student celebrate his or her learning? 2) What ideas do you have for celebrating holidays in the elementary schools? We all wrote down our ideas, and identified our highest priorities.  The principals will take our ideas and discuss. Next steps will be discussed at a May PTC meeting. This will be a joint meeting on May 7, 6pm at Redtail Ridge.
  • Boundary meetings:   Jessica and Mrs. Zwolenski are part of the district wide committee of volunteers.  Parents within the district provided their names as volunteers, and then individuals were chosen out of a hat, two from each school.  Jess mentioned there were others there from private schools, transportation, etc. 03/18/19 there is a public information session at the high school.  The boundary committee has 2 additional meetings following that. The May school board meeting will present all the feedback. We discussed all that goes into the boundary changes in detail. More to come!
  • Tomorrow is ESTEM night – 03/12/19
  • Flex seating update –  $2,000 is currently marked for this.  Tomorrow, 03/12 a group of each grade level teachers will convene to discuss what they can do with the funds.  Hoping to purchase and get a start in the spring.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

    • Current balance – See budget detail.  
    • Review/approve budget – We are looking good so far on the budget. Many things are finalized for the year, in blue.  A few items were over budget, but most were accurate. Projected net is currently $2,700. The only concern is for butter braids, we have it projected as $15,000 and we get 40% of those profits.  We discussed potentially extending the butter braids sale. We will take a second look at what we can afford for flexible seating as we take in funds from the sale. Also, taxes are almost done. Amy also brought a detailed itemized list from Family Fun Night. We discussed some ideas on how to make it run more smoothly next year.  


  • Funding requests – Beverley has started to think about next year and student benefit dollars.  At some point we need to decide how we will distribute those. Currently it has to do with the number of students in each class.  We will table this to the next meeting.


  • Box Tops: Box Tops were submitted and approved, and the school should be expecting $500.50.  That brings the total to $1223 for the school year.

Discussion topics (Jessica) :

Family Fun Night Recap:  Overall the evening was successful.  Suggestions for next year? Kari H brought up that other events local businesses will sponsor a table and brings the volunteers.  For example, we had Cosmopolitan Orthodontics do an activity. A second idea was some type of arts and crafts studio with another local business,etc. We could also perhaps bring in high school kids to get volunteer hours.  Many of our volunteers were late and some did not come. However, despite some of those issues, Mrs. Zwolenski felt that it was a great evening and everyone was happy. The children were happy and the silent auction was very successful.  Kids love the balloons and the cakewalk. We discussed a place to store the games that would be easier to access if possible.

Butter Braids: They are due at the end of the week.  We will need to send out a reminder to be sure to sell/hand in on time.  

SUG for next year’s volunteers: We are in need of many volunteers to act as “Coordinators” for next school year.  These include, but are not limited to:

-Art Adventure

-Back to School Night and Kindergarten Assessments

-Blue and Gold Directory

-Box Tops


-Family Fun Night

-Butter Braids

-Kindness in chalk

-Ice cream social

-Restaurant nights

-School store

-Lakeville movie passes


-Twins Night

-PTC Board Treasurer

It is imperative that we have volunteers to support these ventures. Without them, many of the fun activities we provide throughout the school year for the children would not be possible.

Wrap up:



  • We have many open positions for next year!  Please consider helping, the time commitment is really minimal in the big picture.  Many hands make light work!


  • Next meeting is Tuesday, 04/09/19 @ 6:30 pm, WestWood Media Center
  • Amy motioned to adjourn, Kari seconded.  Motion passed.


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