October 2018 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC October Meeting Minutes – 10/02/18, 6:30pm

Attendees: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Alexa Chapin, Becky Smith, Brian Schulz, Melissa Campion, Gina Hendrickson, Yola Hartman, Stacey Sorenson, Angela Sinclair, Sue Wielke, Kristen Stier

Approval of September Minutes:

Gina H. motioned to approve, Amy Z. seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update (Karen):  

  • Back to school:  We are going on 4 weeks of school already, all is going well.  They started w/ the carpool karaoke and the kids loved it!
  • Mr. Tressel and Mrs. Zwolenski meet in each classroom to do a lesson, they have a few rooms left.  The Ice Cream social went well despite the weather, and the evening was ended early. Everyone was able to leave the school safely.  Overall, having the event inside worked “ok” however ideally it would be better held with the children outside on the playground. Mrs. Zwolenski had damage at her house that night, 50 trees were down as the result of the storm however there was no damage to any homes in the neighborhood.  Spirit week went well, the kids had fun participating with what they chose to participate in depending on the activity and dress up day.

Rotary funds update: Mrs. Zwolenski will attend the Rotary Meeting this week to accept the funds from our fundraising efforts.

Strategic plan review: November 1st, 5-9pm, PLHS Commons.  Strategic plan review is a 4 hour session w/light dinner. The agenda includes a review of the framework for the future.  Mission/core values, strategic/guiding principles will be discussed. RSVP by October 29, to mwalz@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us.

D.O.G.S update (Brian S) :

Homecoming tailgate update: The homecoming tailgate was a success, 20 dads attended.  Several WW D.O.G.S attended the D.O.G.S tailgate party. Brian noted that 500 hot dogs given away.  The Facebook page is set up and group email has also been generated. The first D.O.G.S night is upcoming however it is the same night as the Jeffers meeting.  The meeting is at the Pointe, at 7:15 on 10/08/18. For future planning, the meetings are the second Monday of every month at the Pointe. Brian would like the flyer or D.O.G.S  day schedule to go out on SeeSaw. Gina mentioned doing SUG to get more emails as well. We can also add Brian’s email to our minutes tonight and notify others that have asked to have minutes distributed to them.  Brian can send out an email on Friday re: upcoming MNF nights. Alexa mentioned that Mr. Larson said the pads for rollerblades are not holding up well. Perhaps the DOGS could help replace the velcro. Perhaps we could cover them with tube socks to temporarily help?  Mr. Larson is going to address the issue w/the company where we purchased them and will also email Jessica. Brian said that if the company isn’t willing to replace them, he will talk to the D.O.G.S . There are 2 more weeks of units and we will see what the teachers report back at that time regarding the condition of the equipment.

Fundraising possibility: Brian also brought up the idea of a possible Color Run fundraising event idea.  We can get different local companies to come to each color and sponsor the school.  Melissa brought up using the Get Movin Crew platform. We will continue this discussion.

First grader project: Brian mentioned that the D.O.G.S can come in and do a project. He found some kits for bluebird houses. We could sell those or put them in the silent auction.  Discussed having Brian at other events as well.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

  • Current balance – see attachment.  
  • Review/approve budget – Amy reviewed budget in detail.  $30 in Mabel’s Labels was generated.  There was also a minor spreadsheet error and she had to revise it.  We need to review and officially approve. We are hopeful for the Read A Thon to generate more funds.  4th grade isn’t doing Kindness Retreat this year as previously discussed. They are going to ask families for transportation fees for field trips (Bakken). Yearbooks stipend is higher because we pay tax and benefits. It will not be on FeePay this year, it will be through LifeTouch, more to come on this as we do not have the dates yet.  E-Stem day, looking into EIE kits still. Regarding the Student Benefit Dollars, the teachers were given money into accounts and there are a number of places they can order from at this time, one being Amazon, which we can then benefit from the Smile program. Beverley suggested doing this by classroom to make the process easier. Beverley has a spreadsheet with all the amounts, she is tracking what they have spent and what is remaining.  Mrs Z. said that this is a great thing for the teachers. We need to think about how much to give each teacher we will discuss again. Jess motioned to approve budget, Becky seconded. Motion passed.
  • Funding requests:  See below in discussion re: Noon supervisors.  
  • Discussion:   Jessica mentioned that she received a Student Benefit Dollar question; Renee from Kids Co said that there are Kids Co noon supervisors (addl staff) that assist kids later in the day and did not get SBD. She was wondering if they should have or if they are not part of that pool.  When Amy took over they were not on the list. The funds were intended to go w/people who had a direct impact on students. The requests were for bullhorn, whistles, stopwatches (total 72.40). Is it possible to come forward w/this request or should they be added to the equation each year.  Jessica recommends we approve the funding request and we will revisit this in the future.

Read A Thon:

Prizes as follows:

Bookmark – Registration

Pencils- first donation

Glider and name on star bulletin board – $60

Shuttles and name on bulletin board and pizza party- $150

Squishie – $250

Classroom trophy – A Pinata will go to the class if they are the last class w/the trophy

Shuttles will be blasting off on the wall

Kickoff is Friday, October 5 at 2:30

Bonus prizes/incentives:

*10,000 – pie in the face

*20, 000 – duct taped to the wall

*30,000 – human sundae

Great raffle prizes (60, 150, 250 you get entered into the raffle) : Buck Hill, Skateville, DQ, Small Cakes, Lakeville Theatre, KidsCreate is donating an art party, Shakopee Theatre, MN Zoo, and many more. We are thankful for all the wonderful and generous donations.  

*Updates will be made twice weekly for donations. The children will have envelopes for each week to collect funds and bring into school.   

Discussion topics (Jessica) :



  • T-shirts:  Jessica was able to deliver them last week, there were issues with the order being late and some hiccups on Fee Pay, however the kids love them.  Parents would also like to order one, as the design was very well received. Jess will disable the ordering in November, to allow more individuals to order.  She will also order extras. Fee Pay was printing multiple orders and it isn’t clear why. Beverley received some emails from parents regarding the miscommunication.  Amy spoke to Beverley regarding Fee Pay and she brought up Jostens. Jess feels we should simply cut off the t-shirts in NOvember and move forward w/the design to Jostens.  The Jostens is a good option for taking the extra steps out of the equation. Becky S. noted that there are 2 options w/Jostens. She will check w/Joel on material options (cotton vs dri fit) and the transfer for the cotton tee.


    • Jostens:  Jess reviewed the options from Jostens (see September minutes).  Jess would like to do the school store. We can emphasize to the parents that this is a fundraiser for our school and that is the reason for the slight increase in cost over other clothing options we have had available in the past.  We discussed the design and Mrs. Z. thought we should keep it simple to one design. We agreed to do the school store option and Jess will move forward and confirm with Joel Smith.
    • Movie tickets – Becky had info from Kelly Malecha and she is going to send Becky a file on what they did. Movies typically start this fall.  Amy mentioned that at Fall Fest the rep was there with flyers. We likely have missed the deadline now, however Becky is going to see if we can still purchase for the remaining movies.   
    • Restaurant nights – We will soon have a Culver’s night, and Jess will update us on that with specifics.  Wendy’s night is 10/16/18. Amy wanted to know if we were interested in doing more restaurants/options.  In the past we have done Davanni’s, Chipotle, and Buffalo Wild Wings. We discussed what tasks go into advertising.  We will keep it open if someone is able to take on this responsibility. We are thinking once per month, Culver’s is once per month.  


  • Art Adventure/Bravo update: Amy is working on collecting volunteers.  Bravo is K-2, AA is 3-5th. Training for Art Adventure is starting mid month or end of October. There is a traveling exhibit at the Institute of Art, and the organization provides specific training dates for the parents/volunteers.  There is now an Art Adventure coordinator, Randie Berg however he will be gone next year as he has a 5th grader, so will only commit to 2018-19. For Bravo, Kim F is still transitioning and would still assist in getting a coordinator however an acting coordinator is needed.  Amy does not have a list on who did it last year, however Kim is checking records and will follow up. If anyone is able to reach out to get information on others who were involved please do so and reach out to us. Melissa will look at her emails as well. Jess noted that at some point we may need to say yes or no to the program, as  we can’t keep pulling teeth to get volunteers. Angela Sinclair stated that she has has volunteered for Art Adventure. Amy and Angela will connect on this outside of the meeting. Amy also sent an email to the teachers this week with the volunteers. More to come on this topic as it evolves. We also discussed various options to be able to make this work so we are still able to offer the program to the students.



  • Student Directory- more to come.
  • PTC Website – Amy said that we still need a volunteer.  
  • Kindness in Chalk – October 14, SUG was sent.  Postponed d/t weather.
  • Fridge -we can discuss as a board. It won’t happen by conferences now.

Wrap up:


  • Thank you to all who came to the meeting.  We need to reach out for babysitting still.  Becky has names for NHS students however they have not been responding as they may not need hours this time of the year.    
  • Please remember, Read A Thon started on 10/05/18!! There are many prizes and incentives this year for the children!
  • Next meeting is Monday, (due to election day) 11/05/18 @ 6:30 pm, WestWood Media Center
  • WANT TO HELP?  We are in need of volunteers for the following activities: Restaurant Night scheduling, Bravo and Art Adventure coordinators.
  • Jessica motioned to adjourn, Stacey seconded.  Motion passed.
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