June 2018 PTC Meeting Minutes

June 2018 PTC Meeting, 6/4/2018 6:30 PM

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Amy Zwart, Becky Smith, Jessica Olstad, Nichole Meyer, Heather LaRue, Melissa Campion, Stacey Sorenson, Kim Frantz

May Minutes:

• Kim motioned to approve, Jessica seconded. Motion passed

Principal Update:

  • Construction timeline updates are online at PLSAS website
  • Mrs. Zwolenski is very happy with the process and the team working on it
  • Enrollment Update: This number changes day to day. Right now we have, with WW and SAGE combined, 512 students. This number is down from last year.
  • 4th grade La Ola Del Lago will be at housed at WW next year
  • 5 sections of SAGE next year
  • Schoology will be discontinued at elementary level next year. It will be replaced with SeeSaw.
    • How will PTC send out meeting notices, smore newsletter, announcements using SeeSaw????
    • Will there be a calendar on SeeSaw similar to Schoology????

District office and IT is looking into these questions

  • It has been a great month!!!

    Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • Handouts given – see attachment
  • Lots of end-of-year spending
  • Yearbook stipend has changed – payment has to go through the district office
  • Request for Eagle Scout to make Gaga Ball Pit – $1500
    • Would be weather sustainable
    • $500 already raised from cap day
    • For recess and playground use (PE teachers will show the kids how to safely use and play)
    • Building and Grounds people are making sure it will be safe
    • Putittoavote-Allinfavor-passed
  • Request for organizing unit in Staff Lounge – $200 – passed
  • Request for funds to purchase new fridge/freezer – will be added to draft budget for 2018/2019
  • Amy is working on a draft budget for next year


  • “Big Ideas”
    • Flexible seating options
    • Outdoor spaces (this might be better to wait until after construction)Microscopes
  • We want to start working on the Read-a-thon in August. We will need committee members.
  • Jessica will put out an email to recruit more members

At August Meeting

  • Ask teachers to put out BRAVO and ART ADVENTURE sign ups.
  • K-2 Bravo, 3-5 Art Adventure

Paul Larson Visited

• He wanted to personally thank the PTC for the rollerblades
• He brought down a cart and the gear to show the group
• The rollerblades have been great, but the pads are showing some wear and tear

Coordinator Updates for 2018/2019 School Year

• Openings

• BRAVO (can connect with Kim F for transition)• Art Adventure (maybe)
• SUG (can connect with Gina H for transition)
• PTC Website Maintenance

• Xinyun Zhuhas volunteered to take over the Butter Braids Fundraiser

Great Start to Kindergarten

• PTC table
• T-shirt sales – We will have the sizes on hand, but will sell on FeePay
• Collect emails for SUGs
• Coordinator opening sign-ups will be available – Amy has handouts created

Action Items Prior to Next Meeting

• Jessica will compose an email regarding Read-a-thon, Bravo, Art Adventure,

• Jessica will email the t-shirt vendor regarding potential redesign
• Amy will talk to Beverley about possibly having two shirts to sell next year
• Board needs to update the PTC calendar for 2018/2019 school year

• Amy will follow up with Eagle Scout regarding Gaga Ball Pit

• Amy will work on draft budget for next year
• Becky will prep an SUG for NHS childcare
• Gina will check with the office if the Aug 6th date works

Meeting Adjourned

Gina motioned to adjourn meeting. Amy seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: MONDAY, August 6, 2018 at 6:30 at the SAVAGE City Hall, Oxford Room

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