August 2018 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC August Meeting Minutes – 08/06/18, 6:30pm

Attendees: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Amy Zwart, Nichole Meyer, Heather LaRue, Alexa Chapin, Becky Smith, Jeremie Calvin, Daisy Calvin,Yola Hartman, Kim Hjelm, Brian Langridge, Diane Langridge, Melissa Campion, Rachel Carlson, Ajay Mandal(Glendale parent guest)

June Minutes:

Gina H. motioned to approve, Amy seconded. Motion passed

Principal Update (Karen):

●  Back to school: The staff is very busy preparing for the new school year. Staff returns on 08/22/18.

 Communication: We will no longer utilize Schoology as a form of communication. We will transition entirely to Seesaw. The information regarding this platform will be sent out in approximately 2 wks w/class assignments.

 Enrollment Update: 519 students / 22 sections (classrooms). Currently there are 3 – Kindergarten classrooms, 3 – 1st grade , 3 – 2nd grade, 2 – 3rd grade, 3 – 4th grade, 3 – 5th grade and SAGE : 2 -3rd grade, 1 – 4th grade, 2 – 3rd grade.

 Back to school night: 08/29/18, 3:30 – 5:30 – this year it will be an open house format, come and go as you please, meet teachers, classmates, obtain needed information.

●  Ice Cream social: 09/20/18 -this will be combined with parent information sessions. There will be 2 sessions 6pm and 6:30 pm by grade levels. There will be FREE ice cream treats for all and fun raffle prizes for the students!

 Kindergarten assessments: These are happening this week, 08/07/18. PTC has a table with information for incoming parents to learn about us and volunteer opportunities.

Parent from Glendale- Ajay attended our meeting tonight to share concerns and start the conversation regarding security in our schools. He has been attending school board meetings and other schools PTC meetings in the district. He has also done research and spoken to authorities regarding funding for security. He is concerned that Glendale does not have enough security and asked about our concerns w/our school. Karen discussed the procedures that are currently in place at WestWood, however could not speak to the other buildings in the district. There are district wide procedure, school specific, as well as state mandated. Karen also discussed that there will be a new screening process in place at WestWood this year and ID will need to be presented. He questioned the referendum funds and what specifically would be distributed for security purposes. He has also researched the cost of fencing and use of ADT. It was decided that this is something that is worthy of and requires future discussion however should also be brought directly to the school board. Thank you Ajay for attending and voicing your concerns.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update (Amy):

●  Handouts given- see attachment

●  Great year last year – Amy reviewed budget in detail. Kindness retreat still in discussion. The PTC will be providing planners this year for all students grades 1-5. Amy will be doing taxes next.

●  Student benefit dollars: Funds provided to teachers to assist in providing classroom needs

●  Gaga ball: The gaga ball pit is done! The Eagle Scout was excited.

Highlighted items in budget:

 Last year: Amy discussed that our profit last year was good, and possible ideas for use of funds were discussed at the school.

●  Funding uses: We discussed outdoor equipment and Karen noted that the eastern side of the school would be available (construction zone between WW and EW). Past funds have been used for playground equipment. Some thoughts included an outdoor learning center, and we should survey the staff for their ideas/needs.

●  Read-a-Thon: We discussed further ideas for Read-a-Thon funds and goals. Perhaps add details regarding tax incentives for those who are donating. We could also poll the kids and teachers for what they want to used the dollars earned for.

●  Field trips: Funding is currently at $3,850, it would be beneficial to increase especially when they are back to back. Will discuss at staff meeting. Student benefit dollars – keep the same (22 classrooms), also give funds to specialists, etc. We will wait for final numbers from Mrs. Z. Conference dinners – Amy feels we should increase, increased to $450. We still do SUG for side dishes.

●  Heather LaRue requested $204 dollars total for binders for all of 3rd grade. The proposed amount includes the purchase of 100 binders for all students.

●  Jess motioned to approve the purchase of binders.

●  Approved to continue working with CliftonLarsonAllen for tax returns. This will begin soon for the 2017-18 return. Motion passed.

●  Klein Bank is changing to Old National Bank.

●  School store – Jen Knox will be the coordinator and has placed an order to be ready for fall.

●  Jess motioned to approve the change in Quickbooks price. Nichole seconded. Motion passed.

Discussion topics (Jessica) :
Lakefront Music Fest Summary: Thank you to the volunteers. Total earned $479.40

Back to school update :

●  Party money- We discussed having an envelope in each room with $10 suggestion ( goes toward 3 parties) each grade/class does something different, or do we the PTC allocate funds for it? We also discussed appointing a liaison type individual for each grade level. We decided against having an envelope in the classrooms this year, to simplify the process and we will re-evaluate next year. Moving forward,the teachers will request donations through Seesaw as this was easy and successful for some classrooms last year. This also takes into account those parents who really want to help out, however are too busy to be present and would like to be able to donate.

●  Coordinators- Jessica will be reaching out to past coordinators to confirm who is in place this year, and to identify the vacancies we need to fill.

Read-a-thon update:

●  The kick off will be on 10/05/18, the Read-a-Thon will take place on 11/07/18.

●  The goal is $30,000. We discussed taking a poll of the students and teachers on their wants and needs. We discussed flexible seating. Minuteman will do free printing for us.

●  We are working on gathering raffle donations. Please reach out to anyone you may know who has the ability to donate or works for a business who can do so for tickets, free gifts, etc. We also discussed local business we may want to involve including Code Ninjas, Kid Create, SmallCakes, etc.

●  The theme for this year is Rockets. The children will get stars, rockets will shoot off as they meet goals and trinkets will be given in this theme as well.

Mabel’s labels update:

● Please consider purchasing from or promotion this company and keep your child’s items from disappearing into Lost and Found! They make labels for shirts/backpacks, etc. Labels can be washed and stay secure! This is great timing for back to school, Wolf Ridge, and more! The proceeds go back to the PTC. Amy will put an announcement in

the Smores newsletter and we can also post on the Facebook page. Kirsten has the email list update.

Click select”WestWood PTC (Prior Lake)” to order. Label away!

T-shirt redesign:

●  Jess passed around the designs, we voted and she will update us.

●  Amy brought up if the PTC should buy the shirts for the teachers, agreed to pay for everyone to get a shirt (staff).

●  Yola is a graphic designer – she could possibly do a new design by 08/29

Wrap up:

●  Thank you to all who came to the meeting. We need to reach out for babysitting, Becky has names for NHS students. We will be back on site at the school for the next meeting. PTC Calendar – PTC meetings are on the district calendar, working on the specific PTC calendar with all the events for the year.

●  Next meeting is 09/04 @ 6:30 pm

●  Amy motioned to adjourn, Melissa second. Motion passed.

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