January 2018 PTC meeting minutes

January 2018 PTC Meeting

1/2/18 6:30 p.m.

Attendees: Jill Hussong, Tony Hauschildt, Karen Zwolenski, Alexa Chapin, Jessica Olstad, Becky Smith, Melissa Campion, Leah Goss, Amy Zwart

December minutes:

  • Jessica motioned to approve, Leah Goss seconded. Motion passed.

Principal update

  • Read-a-thon award pizza lunch was a success!
  • Winter Wednesday (day before break) was great. Kudos to teachers! Everyone celebrated winter however they wanted (gingerbread parties, outside, hot cocoa and movies, PJs, etc.).
  • January is “her favorite” month because of de-cluttering and great things to come, like:
    • Kindergarten meeting on Thursday at Grainwood
    • SAGE parent meeting for parents of 2nd graders – 6:00 on Thursday
  • Facilities update
    • 2020 – district will open another elementary school – by that time boundaries will be redrawn
    • Edgewood and WestWood will continue to be a joint venture
    • LODL will grow each year – will find room for them at WestWood. In the meantime:
      • Computer lab – turn into classroom
      • Three teachers, etc. will share rooms
      • “It’s temporary, it’s what we have to do to” to get the outcome we want.
      • “We will be crowded for sure”
      • Last year, we did not accept any more Open Enrollment students because of space constraints and this may again happen in the next year.  However, we are not officially closed to OE.  Instead we consider each OE and see where there is the most available space. We also accept OE students for SAGE.
      • September – will start building kitchen and gym between Edgewood/WW and then they will be conjoined (will be combined for both schools)
      • Within next 2 months the school board will start discussions of redrawn boundaries – could be for this fall already. 

Budget update – Amy

  • Rollerblades are on the way – $4,088+
  • Taxes – $750 for Clifton Larson Allen (approved by board)
  • No new funding requests
  • View Treasurer Report and Budget report.

Discussion Topics

  • FFN meeting – next Tuesday (Jan. 9) 6:30 p.m.
  • Becky Smith – offered room in her classroom to store games if needed
  • Letter to businesses has been approved by Karen and sent out to committee members that need it

Round Robin

  • Spring fundraiser (other than butter braids)
    • Get Movin’ Crew agreement is a year-long agreement, so if there are any ideas to use them, we can.
  • Lost and found coordinator – looking for one (Melissa C. and Leah G. will do spring)
    • Returns to appropriate person
    • Clean to sell and/or donate?
    • 4 times a year….during conferences, can set out on tables in hallways
    • Fundraiser idea – stickers for labels that don’t wash off (Maples Labels? – Alexa Chapin will research ideas)
  • Restaurant fundraiser coordinator – looking for one – Amy Z. is willing to look for some other opps
    • Calendar out the opportunities and be in discussions with the restaurant contacts
    • Be able to calendar out for new school year
  • Singlewald’s ATA Karate – we’re giving the go-ahead to do the $69 fundraising opportunity. Optional for them to come in and do a demo in the classroom. Becky Smith will keep us posted.

Should we be looking ahead to next year? Anything for the school year?

  • Fun run?
  • What else should we spend money on?
  • Set up a reserve account for “wish list” items? What are those items? (outdoor learning stuff)

Box Tops update – currently at $550 – Leah G. – sent note to Gina to get a Schoology post – for collecting challenge

Butter braids – fliers go home day after Presidents Day

Becky’s husband works for Jostens – if we were interested in other options for spirit wear, etc. they could come give a presentation. They would run it.

Motion to adjourn by Becky, seconded by Amy. 7:46 p.m.

NEXT PTC MEETING: February 6, 6:30 p.m., WestWood Media Center

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