November 2017 PTC meeting minutes

November 2017 PTC Meeting

11/13/2017 6:30 PM

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Amy Zwart, Tony Hauschildt, Heather LaRue, Leah Goss, Rachel Carlson, Melissa Campion, Alexa Chapin

October Minutes: 

  • Gina motioned to approve, Amy seconded.  Motion passed

Principal Update:      

  • All school meetings are focusing on social/emotional topics.  The October meeting talked about cooperation and the November meeting is about assertion.
  • A Social Emotional Learning Team has been formed.  This group focuses on helping the students live out the traits discussed at the meetings.
  • Mrs. Zwolenski’s Monday Morning announcements review the “WestWood Way” which also ties into the social/emotional topics. 
  • Fall Parties were lots of fun for teachers and students!!
  • The Read-a-thon was very successful!!  The teachers did a great job putting together a wonderful day of reading for the kids!
  • The students are having fun celebrating their read-a-thon accomplishments and more exciting fun is yet to come!!

Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • Handouts given – see attachment for more detail on treasurer report and attachment for budget update.
  • Readathon incoming funds and expenses are still being processed.
  • PTC paid for this year’s magazine subscriptions.  The cost was less this year than last year as a result of fewer teachers requesting subscriptions.
  • Wolf Ridge scholarship fund was paid.
  • Clay was purchased for the art teachers.
  • Funds were used toward the 4th grade Bakken Museum trip
  • PTC has paid for upcoming conference dinner meals
  • Silly string to be purchased for the Readathon reward
  • Davanni’s earned $140 in October
  • MusicFest payment received at $1300
  • Still waiting on Back to School Spirit Wear payment
  • We need to get the word out on Amazon Smiles

Readathon Update

  • Handout attached – See for more details.
  • We are currently at $30,606 raised!!!!!
  • Information regarding this year’s process is being added to Google Docs to access for next year’s planning.
  • Overall this was a tremendous success!!!!!!!

Spirit Wear Update

  • Going with American Outfitters LTD
  • Kim F getting the sale set up tomorrow

Box Tops     

  • Leah Goss has volunteered to coordinate Box Tops
  • We need to locate coupons and forms from previous year
  • Leah will reach out to local restaurants and create a form to send home

Family Fun Night

  • This is our next big event this year
  • Gina Hendrickson is coordinating Silent Auction
  • Brooke Lizarraga is coordination the Food/Drinks
  • Rachel C. and Tony H. considering co-coordinating for overall event
  • We are still looking for a Games coordinator
  • Alexa C. would like to get involved as a committee member
  • We will have a kick-off meeting in early December to lay out the event, review coordinator jobs, look through supplies we have on hand

Meeting Adjourned 

Gina motioned to adjourn meeting.  Tony seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:  December 5, 2017 at 6:30 WestWood Media Center

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