September 2017 PTC meeting minutes

September 2017 PTC Meeting

09/05/2017 6:30 pm

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Amy Zwart, Tony Hauschildt, Jessica Olstad, Melissa Campion, Alexa Chapin, Kim Frantz, Heather Nelson, Rachel Anderson

August Minutes: 

  • Jessica motioned  to approve, Sarah seconded.  Motion passed.  Mrs. Zwolenski made a correction to last month’s minutes.  It was stated that La Ola Del Lago had 180 students as of 8/15/17, however they had 287 students enrolled at that time.
  • Kim motioned to approve the August minutes with the correction in place. 

Principal Update:      

  • Teachers have  been working steadily to prepare for the their first day with students.  They attended various trainings and meeting last week and spent time preparing their classrooms.
  • This year the WestWood teachers are participating in a thorough Writers Workshop training.  The training will continue throughout the year as the teachers apply what they learn into their curriculum.
  • The Back to School event was a success!  Preliminary numbers reveal that 84% of families attended.
  • 5th Grade teachers had an informational meeting for parents interested in chaperoning this year’s Wolf Ridge trip.
  • Thursday is our first official school day at WestWood.  We currently have 579 students registered.  This number will grow and change throughout the year.
  • The building updates continued with new sinks throughout the school.  WestWood is looking refreshed and ready for students!
  • Ben Tressel’s official title at our building will be the Dean of Students.  He will be at WestWood part time and will spend the other half of his days at Redtail Ridge Elementary.
  • A new health aide was hired.  We welcome Andrea Erickson to the WestWood staff!
  • WestWood is currently being used to the max.  Every space is being utilized for our students, including overflow space for the cafeteria and physical education.  We will also be using the activity room at La Ola Del Lago for physical education.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • Student benefit dollars were distributed to our teachers at their first all staff meeting.  The teachers expressed gratitude for the money and for the support of our PTC in general.  $6,193 went to this fantastic annual gift for our awesome teaching staff.
  • PTC spent $78 on WestWood Pride shirts for teachers.
  • Other expenses included: $10.month for quickbooks online, $58.14 for ice cream social prizes, $371.64 for school store inventory and $99 for Website fees.
  • PTC incoming funds included: $109.20 from Wendys Nights, $28.56 from Benevity and $23.85 from Amazon Smiles.
  • Teacher subscriptions have been received and distributed for the teachers who chose to have them.  We have not receive a final bill.
  • It was suggested that we look at changing the way the PTC funds are distributed for field trips.  The dollar value would remain the same at $4000, but the money would be given to WestWood to distribute rather than each individual request coming through the PTC.  Many questions came from this discussion.  We will revisit this when we have a better understanding of how it will work.  Amy Z and Karen Z will be researching it further.
  • The 2017/2018 budget is attached for your review

Funding Requests/Ideas

  • The PTC is working to determine one or more fundraising goals to work toward as we fundraise this coming year and in the years to come.  Some ideas have been suggested:
    • The Phy Ed Department is interested in purchasing items required to have a rollerblading unit. 
    • The Phy Ed Department is interested in purchasing items required for Gaga Ball
    • Another suggestion is a series of outdoor benches in a circular formation to be used as an outdoor learning area
  • We are gathering more information about these three possibilities and will revisit at a future meeting.  It was discussed to possibly use one of these as a goal for the upcoming Readathon.
  • The WestWood PTC was approached by the Say Yes Referendum Committee and asked to pledge $1000 to support their efforts.   The board took a vote and approved this request.

Readathon Update

  • The readathon committee is hoping to recruit a few more volunteers.  A post will be put together for Schoology.
  • The readathon committee inquired about fund availability for trinkets to be used throughout the readathon as incentives and rewards.  There is money for them to access in the budget.  The committee will take a closer look at what they need/want.
  • October 6th will be the Readathon Kick-Off!

Ice Cream Social Update

  • Schwan’s will be providing the ice cream again this year
  • Prizes have been ordered
  • SUG has been sent out
  • Gina G will arrange for necessary tables, garbages, etc.
  • Flyers will be sent home and a poster will be hung at school

Classroom Liaisons

  • Some parents did sign up to be PTC liaisons for their child’s classroom. 
  • The PTC will reach out to teachers to see if any other sign ups are yet to be turned in.
  • Tony will reach out to the volunteers
  • It was suggested to recruit PTC liaisons differently next year by asking teachers to send an email out after school has been in session for a week or two.

Back to School Update

  • The event went great!
  • Planners and shirts were sold at the event.  Any planners or shirts purchased prior to that night were in the students’ classroom waiting for them.  We did receive a great deal of positive feedback with this change.
  • Next year, we will consider having the teachers get permission to share collected email addresses with the PTC to be used in the volunteer database.  This only results in receiving Sign Up Genius emails.  It does not commit anyone to any volunteering.
  • We are still waiting to hear from Bill Gabler regarding how the spirit sale went.

Homecoming Spirit Week

  • We will be getting the students involved in Homecoming week this year with a series of fun dress up days!
  • Spirit week will include: Pajama Day, Dress Backwards Day,  Favorite Team Day, Crazy Hair Day, Blue & Gold Day
  • Jessica O is completing the flyer and getting it to printing

Davanni’s Night

  • October 10th from 4:00 – 8:00
  • 4th and 5th grade students will have the opportunity to work at the event if they want to.  They do not need to sign up.  The students can ask to help when they arrive and they will be given a job, if available.  All students who help out can sign their name on a poster displayed on the wall at the restaurant.
  • A flyer will have to be turned in with each food order at the event in order for Westwood to receive 20% of the total paid.
  • For participating, Davanni’s will be providing WestWood with a pizza party for one classroom.  This party can be used as a reward for the Readathon.


  • The past year we have been encouraging families to enroll in the Amazon Smiles program to help earn money for our PTC
  • Jen K. is going to transition us out of the Amazon Smiles program into the Amazon Affiliates program.
  • More information to come.

Movie Ticket Sales

  • Our annual movie tickets will be available for purchase soon.  Watch for more info!!!!

Meeting Adjourned 

Gina motioned to adjourn meeting.  Heather seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:  October 3rd, 2017 at 6:00 at GRAINWOOD ELEMENTARY

  Guest Speaker – Dr Staloch, Superintendent of Schools

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