August 2017 PTC meeting minutes

August 2017 PTC Meeting

08/15/2017 6:30 pm

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Tony Hauschildt, Jessica Olstad, Emily Malone, Becky Smith, Nicole Tomsich, Melissa Campion, Sarah Watters, Adrienne Kelsey

June Minutes:  Jessica motioned  to approve, Sarah seconded.  Motion passed.

Guest Speaker:

  • Emily Malone, Prior Lake – Savage Child Nutrition Coordinator, came to speak to us tonight about child nutrition in our school district
        • Our Nutrition staff aims to be nutrition educators for our students
        • Some of the wonderful things our nutrition staff does includes:
              • Molding healthy eating habits
              • Implementing school gardens to use as a part of school lunch
              • Implementing “Try it Tuesday”
              • Focusing on scratch cooking
              • Partnering with local farmers
                  • This year they have a partnership with The Good Acres
        • There is a gluten free option for students who need it.  The student’s parent/guardian should contact the kitchen manager at their school to learn about that option.
        • The nutrition specialists are working toward, and close to achieving, main items with NO
              • high fructose corn syrup
              • preservatives
              • artificial colors or flavors
        • There is an app called “school lunch” that shows what each of our district school menus are.
        • Emily welcomes any feedback – you can find her contact information on the district website


Principal Update:      

  • WestWood currently has 580 students – this number continues to climb and change
  • WestWood had 575 students at this time last year and had almost 630 students at end of the 2016-2017 school year
  • WestWood is currently closed to open enrollment
  • La Ola Del Lago currently has 180 students.  Mrs.Zwolenski works hard to make a specials schedule that can accommodate both school populations.-
  • Mrs. Zwolenski continues to adjust class lists daily.  The class assignments will be mailed to families on this Friday, August 18th.
  • Mrs.Zwolenski and some of the the WestWood teaching staff have been participating in training over the summer to get ready for the coming year.
  • The WestWood custodians have been working very hard this summer to upkeep the building.  They are an AWESOME team!  We are lucky to have them 🙂
  • WestWood’s main office has been updated over the summer – It will be a nice welcoming area for students and families.
  • Ben Tressel will have office in our building.  He will be assisting Karen Zwolenski and as well as the principal at Redtail Ridge Elementary.  We are happy to have him on board!
  • Many new hires to welcome to our building this year
      • Music teacher – Diana Fornshell
      • PE teacher – Samantha Swenson
      • SAGE teacher – Meghan Best
      • Grade 3 teacher – Nikki Draine
      • Grade 5 teacher (additional section this year) – Elizabeth Frye
  • WestWood is improving the outdoor learning area on the Kindergarten end of the building.  It will be a great learning space!
  • New teachers begin on Monday
  • All staff Aug 28th
  • Back to School Event is Aug 30th

Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • The treasurer was unable to attend tonight, but provided a great budget update.  See the following links for reports:   WW Treasurer Report  and Budget
  • A propsal was made to add Quickbooks as a budget line item.
      • Megan mortioned to approve and Becky seconded.  Motion passed.
  • PTC has asked WestWood to generate a wishlist for the PTC to use to determine a goal to work toward with our fundraising.  PTC strives to provide WestWood teachers and students with items that will enhance their teaching and learning experience at WestWood.
  • The drafted budget for the 2017-2018 school year, presented tonight and attached to these notes, was proposed to the present PTC members for a vote to accept.  Becky motioned to approve, Megan seconded.  Motion passed
      • Tony explained that although the proposed budget was passed at this meeting, we continue to welcome and feedback.  The budget can be changed/adjusted as the PTC and all of it’s members see fit, by vote, throughout the school year.

Music Fest Update

  • WestWood PTC earned $1300 from a combination of ticket sales and volunteer hours.
  • We might move to only selling online if this opportunity is available to us again in the future
  • The Rotary has not yet indicated if the Elementary Schools will be involved in next year’s Music Fest

Readathon Update

  • We are looking forward to working with the Get Movin Crew
  • Jim, a Get Movin Crew rep, will be offering us a training session as we prepare for this event.
      • Time and place of the training TBD
  • We are in need of a committee for this event
      • Sarah W and Melissa C signed on to this tonight!
      • We will reach out, using a Sign Up Genius, to add to this group

Classroom Liaisons

  • We will be asking for Classroom Liaisons again this year
  • We intend to interact more the the lessons this year and have outlined their role as seen on the sign up that will be found each classroom
  • A sample sign up sheet can be found here.

Back to School Update

  • Planners, t-shirts and yearbooks are being sold on Fee Pay, PRIOR to the event this year.  The PTC is hoping to have all of the pre-ordered planners and shirts ready and waiting in classrooms for students at Back to School Night
  • Shirts and planners will still be on sale at the event for those were unable to order ahead of time, for any reason. 
  • Yearbooks will ONLY be sold via fee pay (not at Back to School Night)
  • Bill Gabler will once again be at this event selling Laker gear.  A portion of the proceeds will go to WestWood PTC.
  • The PTC table will have a sign up sheet to capture any new emails for the Sign Up Genius list
  • The PTC will also have a posted board indicating areas of need for willing volunteers to leave their name and email address

Round Robin Discussion

  • Feedback from last year’s meetings indicated that there is often not time, or the opportunity, for attendees to ask questions, make suggestion or present any new business.  This “round robin discussion” will end each of our meetings this year, giving that opportunity to all present.
  • Suggestions were made to get PTC minutes out to all parents/guardians of WestWood.  Gina H will follow up on a suggestion involving a schoology post that highlights some of the bigger topics discussed with a link to find the notes on our PTC website.
  • Someone asked about having childcare available at PTC meetings.  We did have childcare in the past and are willing to look into providing that again.  Becky S will be reaching out to the NHS students to see if they want to use this opportunity to fulfill volunteer hours.
  • There was a discussion involving the concept of reciprocity which is a concept that suggest people are more willing to give, if they also receive.  The PTC is constantly giving to our school in various ways (providing bussing for field trips, giving money to our teachers at the start of the school year to use in their classroom, providing the service of having planners and t-shirts in the classrooms to save guardians hassle on Back to School Night, etc…), but that is not known to a vast majority of the school population.  It was suggested that if we make a greater attempt to make those efforts known, WestWood parents/guardians may be even more willing to donate money or time to our efforts.  The WestWood PTC will follow up on this suggestion by finding ways to make our contributions more known within the WestWood community.
  • There is a “PTC freezer” in the staff lounge that we may try to sell and replace with a refrigerator/freezer.  This will be discussed further in a future meeting.

Meeting Adjourned 

Gina motioned to adjourn meeting.  Adrienne seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting:  September 5th, 2017 at 6:30 in the WestWood Media Center

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