PTC Meeting August 15th at Prior Lake City Hall


I hope you all had a great summer!  As you know, the start of the school year is less than 4 weeks away, which means that the teachers and school staff are hard at work getting ready for another great school year.  Similarly, the PTC is positioned to have a strong year and I am confident that, with all your help, we can make that happen!

With that said, please click here for a link from our last meeting (June) to remind you what was front and center at the end of the school year, as well as see below for an agenda for next week’s (8/1517) Westwood PTC meeting to discuss what’s upcoming.

NOTE: Next week’s meeting will NOT be held at Westwood.  Instead I reserved a meeting room at Prior Lake City Hall (the Little Prior Room).  We will still plan to meet at 6:30pm.  Future meetings will be held in the Westwood Media Center.

I look forward to a rich discussion and hope you all can attend.


Time                      Item                                                              Owner

6:30pm                Welcome                                                       Tony Hauschildt 

6:40pm                Principal Update                                         Principal Zwolenski

6:45pm               Treasurer Report                                           Amy Zwart

                               – Current balance

                              – Review/approve budget

6:55pm              Discussion Topics                                          Tony Hauschildt

                             – Lakefront Music Fest Summary

                             – Back to School Update

                             – Read-a-thon Update – 2017-18 PTC Goals

                             – Classroom Liaison program                    

7:20pm              Round Robin Discussion                                    Group

7:30pm              Coordinator Updates                                           Multiple

                             – Butter Braids (Kelly Malecha)

                             – Ice Cream social (Gina Gertner)

                             – Twins Day (Adrienne Kelsey)

                              – Art Adventure (Shelly Garrity)

                             – Bravo (Kim Frantz)

                            – Kindness in Chalk (Amy Crespo)

                            – Silent Auction Coordinator (FFN)

                             – Family Fun Night (Group)

                             – PTC Website Maintenance (Heather Banas)

                            – Box Tops (Tami Adams?)

                           – Read-a-thon (Group)

                           – Back to School (Gina H.

                           – School Store (Gina H./Jessie Hawley)

Classroom Liaisons   -TBD






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