June 2017 PTC meeting minutes

June 2017 PTC Meeting

June 6, 2017 6:30 pm

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Tony Hauschildt, Gina Gertner, Heather Nelson, Lori Bui, Amy Zwart, Jessica Olstad, Kira Kuksenko

May Minutes: Gina Gertner motioned to approve. Lori Bui seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update:

  • The last month has been incredible!
  • The awards celebration took place today.
  • There will be an all school meeting on Thursday.
  •  Track & Field:
    • 5 th grade and Kindergarten Fun in the Sun were great.
    • Grades 1 – 4 will do Track & field on Wednesday, June 7.
  • Mrs. Zwolenski has gone into some classrooms this month and is happy to report that the teachers are ensuring that learning is still taking place.
  • The year is closing out nicely.
  •  Leaving WestWood: We wish them all the best.
    • Mrs. Bulver – will be teaching at Gustavus.
    • Mohamed Mohamed – going to college.
    • Sue Muelken – retiring.
    • Brandi Ahlstrand – peer coach at Jeffers Pond.
    •  Lisa Wolff – Going to Redtail Ridge. o Erin Nordstrom – Looking for something closer to her home.

Lakefront MusicFest:

  •  The acts have been announced.
    • The Fray on Friday.
    •  Billy Currington on Saturday.
  •  Admission volunteers:
    • Only three people have signed up for Friday but Tony and his wife will also sign up. Zero volunteers for Saturday.
    •  Amy Zwart asked how this volunteer opportunity was announced to all WestWood families.
      •  There has not been a mass communication about this so Tony will work on some verbiage that Kirsten will send out via Schoology or ListServ.
  • Tickets have been sold – not sure how many.
    •  We are not liable for unsold paper tickets if they are turned back in to Prior Lake Rotary before the event.
    • Tony will pick up extra paper tickets that haven’t been sold from the office or from the person selling them.
      •  He will contact those people to let them know how to return their unsold tickets.

Restaurants to partner with:

  • Will Wendy’s still be used next year?
  • Are there other local restaurants we could partner with?
    • Jessica Olstad said Redtail Ridge did a fun event with Chuck E Cheese.
      • She will call there to get the details.
    •  Tony Hauschildt with follow up with Noodles.
    •  Amy Zwart will call Davani’s. 2017 – 2018

PTC Calendar:

  • The group proposed some changes to the calendar that Gina Hendrickson started.
    •  Gina Gertner will send the modifications to Gina Hendrickson.
    • The calendar will be given to all families at the start of the new school year.

Spirit Week:

  • The meeting attendees agreed that WestWood should start celebrating Prior Lake Homecoming by participating in Spirit Week.
  • The kids would participate in certain activities each day of the week.
  •  Example: one day could be wear pajamas, the next could be wear a hat, another day could be crazy hair day, etc. The final day would be wear Laker Pride gear.
  •  The PTC would be responsible for creating a flyer to send home announcing the week and what the staff approved activities are.
  • The date of homecoming is not listed on the district calendar.
    • Need to find out when that is.

Get Moving Crew:

  • Jessica said Redtail Ridge worked with this organization and had great results.
  •  Tony will be training with Jim from Get Moving Crew the week of June 12.
    • Tony will recap with the group at the next meeting or via email.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update:

  •  Amy Zwart will be the treasurer for the 2017/ 2018 school year.
  • Gina Gertner and Kira Kuksenko need to be removed from the bank account and Tony and Amy need to be added.
    • Need to coordinate a time when they can all go to the bank to get this done.
  • Some normal expenses should be added to the budget:
    • Clay expense o Incoming Kindergarten books
    • Kindergarten Fun in the Sun
  •  A meeting was held on June 7 to look at:
    • Process for teacher funding requests
    •  Process for purchases (planners, t-shirts and yearbooks) at the Back to School event.
      • The recommendation is to have all items sold at the Back to School event run through FeePay.

Meeting Adjourned:

Gina Gertner motioned to adjourn the meeting. Jessica Olstad seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Have a happy and safe summer!

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