April 2017 PTC meeting minutes

April 2017 PTC Meeting

04/04/17 6:30 pm

Attendees: Tony Hauschildt, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson, Heather Nelson, Kim Hjelm, Lori Bui, Alexa Chapin, Becky Smith, Sarah Watters, Tami Adams

March Minutes: Heather motioned to approve, Gina H seconded. Motion passed

Guest Speaker:

  • Jim from The Get Moving Crew spoke to us regarding how our fundraiser can/will look next Fall with their assistance
  • We will run the fundraiser, but they will provide “add ons” such as internet support and organizational tools
  • We need to form a committee to head up this event
  • Schools generally keep over 93% of funds raised when using The Get Moving Crew • We can get packets and prizes from them or do those on our own
  • Their website will be key to this fundraising approach
    • Parents will register and create a fundraising page • Parents can input a message and a student photo is optional
    •  We will need to encourage kids to get registered in order for this to be a success
    • Individual, Classroom, and School pages are available online to track progress
    • These pages can be used in classroom lessons if teachers desire
    • The webpage will show parents what the money raised will be used for
  • We need to determine the best way to remind parents to look into corporate matching opportunities
  • We can ask local companies to sponsor the event – those companies will be posted on the fundraising website
  • We are encouraged to use trinkets or other rewards to get kids to register and then at certain benchmarks
    • First class to get to a certain mark can earn extra recess, extra media time, pj day, book, bookmark, etc…
    • First child in class to earn a donation can receive a trinket
    • If a student does not have computer/internet access, they can bring in any size donation and be rewarded – feel like part of the team
    • Teacher could possibly earn rewards for classroom accomplishments – coffee card, PTC takes bus duty, etc…
  • This is a great event to get our classroom liaisons involved.

Treasurer Report

  •  Butter Braid Results:
    • $15,237 in proceeds
    • $9,158.40 in expenses
    •  $6,078.60 net income
  •  PTC cash balance at the end of the year will be approximately $14,000.00
  • • Next meeting we will discuss setting a goal to work toward for using our PTC funds.

Music Fest Update

  • Tickets are out and hopefully being sold
  • Please let us know if anyone wants tickets to sell/buy
  • The rock band has not yet been announced. We expect sales to go better once that happens
  • Checks for tickets should be written out to Prior Lake Rotary
  • We are waiting for our Rotary contacts to tell us what date we can sell the paper tickets up until
  • Tickets can be purchased online up until the actual event.
  • We have several volunteer slots available for WestWood parents to sign up for. The WestWood PTC will earn $20 for every hour of volunteering by one of our parents.
    • We were allotted the following volunteer slots: Westwood…9 people working admissions on Friday from 7-10pm and 9 people working admissions on Saturday from 7-10pm
    •  To sign up to volunteers, go to http://musicfest.ivolunteer.com/ptcvols_003. This website will be active starting on April 15th.
    • Feel free to contact us for more info regrading this volunteer opportunity

Box Top Update

  • Moving away from dinner coupons next year
  • Classrooms can earn popcorn parties for collecting the most Box Tops
  • Tami would bring in the popcorn and drinks for winning teachers to use at their convenience
  •  Box Tops will likely be collected only thee times throughout the year
  •  We are considering sending out pre-addressed envelopes to distant friends/relatives to collect box tops and send them into school

Other Committee Updates

  • • Coke rewards has officially ended
  • • We will be arranging to take all of the pop tops at school to a Ronald McDonald House
  • • Please remember to be using Amazon Smiles
  • • With Amazon Smiles, .5% of all Amazon purchases goes to WestWood PTC

Succession Planning

  • • Vice President and Treasurer openings on the board next year
  • • Several committee openings including, but not limited to: School Store, Family Fun Night, Conference Dinners will also have openings
  • • We will continue to determine what coordinators will be returning and where we have openings and then begin trying to fill those positions Classroom Liaisons
  • • How can we better utilize this roll next year?
  • • We will once again ask for liaisons at the back to school night, but can also reach out using a Sign Up Genius
  • • We hope to get classroom liaisons involved in the Fall Fundraiser and in the Box Tops contests

Meeting Adjourned

Gina G motioned to adjourn meeting. Gina H seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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