December 2016 meeting minutes

December 2016 WestWood PTC Meeting

12/06/16 6:00 pm

Attendees Tony Hauschildt, Gina Hendrickson, Gina Gertner, Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Kim Frantz, Jenni Reimers, Lori Bui, Heather Nelson

November Minutes Heather motioned to approve November minutes. Lori seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update

• There was a 98% attendance rate at Parent Teacher Conferences

• Next Thursday is pizza with the principal for kids who earned at least $100 for the Readathon

• Wolf Ridge went GREAT! It was, once again, a phenomenal experience for the students. Mrs. Zwolenski expressed gratitude to the teachers and chaperones.

• There is a three day week before the holiday break. Tuesday will be the day for winter parties and Wednesday will be the annual “Hibernation day.”

Spirit Wear

• Didn’t run as smoothly as in the past. Due to a late start, there may be fewer sales this year. This event isn’t looked at as a fundraiser, but rather a service provided to our families. It was suggested that we consider selling WestWood gear, in the future, as well.

Rotary Fundraiser

• Adults (teachers/staff/parents) could potentially sell tickets to the MusicFest Event that takes place in the summer, with partial sales going to WestWood PTC

• This fundraiser would take place in the Spring

• Tony will connect with Mr.Bell to explore this possibility

Budget/Treasurer Report

• Readathon monies not all settled to date – Still working on some employee matches for the Readathon donations – There are some fees in connection to some of the employer contributions – One check was returned NSF – Pizza expense coming later this week

• We will continue to explore what the budget will look like considering the implications of not hitting our target goal

• Family Fun Night will be able to cut some expenses

• Family Fun Night should be able to bringing more profits this year

• We will explore the idea of sending a survey out to teachers that gives them information regarding what PTC pays for and how much the items cost, while giving them a chance to let us know how they would prioritize said items.

• The Publications Expense line item could possibly be an area where a budget adjustment could be made

J Biz Town

• 5th graders went to J Biz Town in early November

• It was a great experience

• Due to the trip being in the Fall, the teachers had a difficult time getting all of the necessary lessons in. If the trip happens again next year, we could try to get a later date.

Meeting Adjourned Heather made a motion to adjourn. Gina H seconded. Motion adjourned.

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