November 2016 PTC meeting minutes

November 2016 WestWood PTC Meeting

Attendees: Tony Hauschildt, Amy Crespo, Heather Nelson, Principal Zwolenski, Tami Adams, Lori Bui, Heidi Sovell, Amy Zwart, +2 (my apologies – I did not think to jot down the attendees as part of the minutes L )


October Minutes

Lori Bui motioned to approve minutes. Heather Nelson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Mrs. Zwolenski’s Principal Update

* The December PTC meeting will be a joint meeting with the other PTC’s in the district. It will be held December 6th at 6pm in the Edgewood cafeteria. Keynote speaker will be Superintendent Dr. Teri Staloch. Following the group session, there will be breakout meetings for each of the PTC organizations.

* Monday (Halloween) was a great day! Tons of volunteers and a lots of fun!

* The upcoming all-school meeting will be held on 11/9 beginning at 9:45am.

* Kindergarten Live will be held next Thursday (11/10). There will be 2 sessions, featuring tours and distribution of free books.

* WestWood’s Wolf Ridge trip will commence 11/28/16.

Treasurer Report

* Total current balance is $20,238 which includes all RAT donations except those turned into the office later on Friday and earlier today. These last 2 batches will add an additional $2,149 in donations. This balance includes $500 donated by Medtronic on behalf of Adrienne Kelsey and it excludes PayPal fees.

Read-a-thon Update

* Discussed total donation amount and implications of not hitting our target

* Briefly discussed possible ways to enhance donations in the future:

o How do we encourage people to get multiple donations that make up the individual student target amount (e.g. $50)?

o Is there a way to call out what different donation amounts represent in terms of a benefit to the PTC (e.g. “…a $5 donation is enough to cover 3 ice cream treats at the ice cream social or enough to cover XYZ at E-Stem night, etc.)

o Is there a way to better connect the fundraiser to the RAT itself?

o Could we include a sheet with a brief description of some of our key events in the fundraising packet to remind people what the $ is used for?

o Could we put the prize baskets out while the fundraiser is still going on as a reminder to students what they’re working for?

o More key learnings will be identified and cascaded at the next RAT subcommittee meeting

* Prize summary:

o Grand prize – Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK 7.0 or equivalent Barnes & Noble gift card

o 2nd prize – Reading-themed gift basket and a $75 B&N gift card

o 3rd prize – Reading-themed gift basket and a $35 B&N gift card

o WestWood siblings who raise the highest combined amount will get to choose either a one year family membership to the MN Science Museum or the MN Zoo

o All WestWood students, regardless of amount donated, will be entered into a drawing for a one-year membership to the MN Science Museum

o For every $25 a child raises, they will receive a ticket to enter drawings for a chance to win the opportunity to do a fun activity with one of the WestWood teachers and staff.

o Every student who raises at least $50 will get to choose a grade level specific book (pre-selected choices)

o Every student who raises at least $100 will be invited to have a pizza lunch with Mrs. Zwolenski (pre-selected date)

Coordinator Updates

Spirit Wear

Kim Frantz presented (via e-mail) her recommendation to go with BSG for spirit wear this year. This was based on the decision to go with a local supplier and one that offers a wide variety of options. At the meeting, the group formally approved the recommendation to move forward with BSG.

Box Tops

Tami Adams provided an update on the program. She indicated that there will be a check forthcoming in December in the amount of $1,300. She is advocating that students submit their box tops in an envelope attached to the information sheet to make it easier to process on the back end.

Restaurant Partnerships

As was done previously, the group discussed possible opportunities, both new and old. Places identified include: Davanni’s, Charlie’s on Prior, The Pointe, The Laker Tavern, Buffalo Wild Wings, Edelweiss, Jimmy John’s, Culver’s Freddy’s, and the new Chipotle and Noodles & Company that will be opening at some point in the not-so-distant future. Look for further updates next month.

Other Topics

* Amy Crespo expressed interest in taking on the ‘Kindness in Chalk’ coordinator position. Thank you!!

* Amy Zwart inquired about Art Adventures and whether there were still opportunities to get involved.

* Amy Z. also inquired about whether conference dinners will be provided to teachers and who was responsible for facilitating them. Tony indicated he would find out what has been done in the past and what can be done going forward. A sign-up genius will be put together to identify volunteers to help.

* If you are board member with a mailbox at WestWood, please take time as you are able to pick up any items that have accumulated there. Thanks!

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