October 2016 PTC meeting minutes

October 2016 WestWood PTC Meeting

10/4/2016 6:30 PM

Attendees Tony Hauschildt, Karen Zwolenski, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson, Kim Frantz, Amy Zwart, Heather Nelson, Lori Bui, Judy Rowland, Kelli Schulte, Jen Knox, Alexa Chapin, Alane Madsen


Approval of September Minutes

Gina G motioned to approve last month’s minutes. Gina H seconded. Motion passed.

Mrs. Zwolenski’s Update:

• Back to school event had an 85% participation rate

• Assessment days had a 94% participation rate

• This Friday is the Read-a-thon kick off – 5th graders are discussing what Mrs. Z will do if/when the Read-a-thon meets it’s goal

• Mrs. Z has visited each classrooms during the first weeks of school to discuss Westwood pride with the students

• She is enjpoying meeting the students and working on learning names 🙂 • Arrival and dismissal procedures are smoothing out

• Busses are going well – Mrs. Z is familiar with all of the bus drivers and will promptly handle any issues/concerns

• The students participated in the annual Bus Safety activity and it all went well

Treasurer Report

• No unexpected spending over the past month

• WestWood PTC received the $500 donation we were expecting from Medtronic

• After paying WestWood for Back to school night expenses including yearbooks, planners and t-shirts the WestWood PTC budget balance will be $7,124.23

• Gina G purchased prizes for the Ice Cream Social, which is not reflected in that balance.

• WestWood PTC received $120 from Bill Gabler for Back to School night Laker Gear sales which is also not included in that balance

Ice Cream Social Update

• Fun event enjoyed outdoors this year

• Schwans came, but payment has not yet been made. Gina G is reaching out to settle any potential bill.

• Not all students were interested in prizes, but it was agreed that we will continue to use prizes at the event in the future.

Read-a-thon Update

• The actual Read-a-thon will take place on Nov 4th. Students will spend the morning going from room to room reading different genres of books that they have signed up for ahead of time. In the afternoon, the students will remain in their own classroom to participate in reading activities with their own teacher.

• This will once again be our primary fundraiser for the year

• With the additional 100 students at WestWood this year and the same goal of $50 per child that we used last year, the overall goal increased to $30,000.

• Kick off is Friday Oct 7th. Gina G and Tony H will be there to get the kids excited about the fundraiser

• Pledge envelopes and letters will go home with kids that day.

• Kids will be allowed to raise money until Oct 28th – Employee match info will be in the letter

• Gina G created a video to get kids and parents excited about the Read-a-thon. Here is a link to the video: https://youtu.be/3nvtQX_qEkc

• We discussed creating a Thank You video to put out after the Readathon once goal has been met

2016 Kids Vote volunteer update

• Our school district will participate in a program that allows kids to vote on the upcoming national voting day

• WestWood PTC will provide volunteers at one voting precinct to assist kids with the voting process

• A Sign Up Genius will be created once we have all of the necessary information and the date of the event gets closer

• The district office will have materials for kids voting. A volunteer will have to get the materials prior to the event and turn in what is left at the end of the voting session

• Alane Madsen volunteered to coordinate this event

E-STEM Night Update

• E-STEM night will be March 2nd at 6:30

• E-STEM night involves a variety of indoor and outdoor activities

• It received a lot of positive feedback last year and we are looking forward to the second annual

Employer match update

• Tony has been researching what we can do to increase awareness and knowledge of employee matching opportunities

• We discussed posting an IRS letter to our website so it is available to our volunteers, however decided against it in order to keep out EIN secure

• We discussed having it available upon request, rather than posted for anyone to access without our knowledge

• It was suggested that we add a checkbox to fundraiser or pledge forms indicating the possibilty of company matching

• Jen K volunteered to connect with Heather B and look into making some updates on the WestWood PTC website to raise awareness of Employer matching

– Adding verbiage such as “Double Your Pledge” to get parents to think about the matching possibility.

– Creating a link that will connect parents to a website that provides a list of companies that match donations

. • As a PTC, we should be sure to thank parents and companies that take advantage of the employer matching

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