September PTC meeting minutes

September 2016 WestWood PTC Meeting

9/6/16 6:15 PM

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Gertner, Tami Adams, Gina Hendrickson, Alane Madsen, Tony Hauschildt, Heather Nelson, Kim Frantz, Amy Zwart, Judy Rowland, Jessica Pocrnich Amanda Swenson, Jenni Reimers, Sana Yaremchuk,


August Minutes Tami A motioned to approve last months minutes. Gina H seconded. Motion passed.

Mrs. Zwolenski’s Principal Update

• 635 students enrolled at WestWood as of this morning

• Back to School event was a success – Karen is going to report the % of attendance at Back to School Night and Assessment Days at next meeting

• New pick up procedure this year. All pick-ups will be out of the gym

Treasurer Report

• ~$6500 for cash balance at this time

• This does not include the Back to School Night monies

• Due to using fee pay this year, WW is paying for the yearbooks and planners

• Principal Zwolenski will inquire about author visits for this year. That is not yet in the budget. We will revisit what we can budget for an author visit after Readathon.

• Teachers received their student benefit dollars for this year

Back to School Night

• Using FeePay went well, overall

• Back to school mailing went from a large package to a small postcard. In previous years we had a PTC letter in the package to give info that was not sent this year. We will discuss ideas to get this information out in a new format

• We had to manually track people paying that night that did not choose to order and pay using FeePay – Gina G is currently sorting through those orders

• It was suggested that next year we have two tables – one for those who pre-paid and one for those paying at the event.

• Mr.Gabler sold Laker gear at the event and it seemed well received. We don’t know what the profits were for PTC as of yet. (10% of sales)

2016 PTC Meetings

• Meetings will remain on the first Tuesday of every month, starting at 6:30

• We have no childcare at this time for during meetings. We will not remove that line item on the budget at this point.

Readathon Update

• Karen Z is on board to help out during the Readathon with student goals/rewards 🙂

• Tony H will look into the matching donations process • Tony H can be here on October 7th for the kickoff at the all school meeting

• At this years kickoff event, we are going to have some of last year’s winners tell the students about what they won. A fun way to get the kids fired up to participate

• Heather B looked into the newest Nook for our grand prize. It wasn’t all that different from last year’s model, so either option will work.

• Gina H ordered the high five toppers that students will earn after receiving their donation.

• Gina G is working on the parent and student handouts for the Readathon

• Heather N and Lori B will talk to the teachers about the activities they are willing to put on for the students to win • Gina G is willing to put together another video promoting the Readathon this year

• Amy S will order the grade level books for students to earn during Readathon

• It was suggested that we look into linking the author visit to the Readathon goals

• Judy R is joining the Readathon committee

PTC Bylaws

• Discussion continued tonight regarding updating our current PTC bylaws

• Proposed new bylaws were reviewed and discussed. The suggested changes/considerations included:

• changing how the meeting dates/times are stated

• include exceptions to the rule for the set meeting dates/times in case of no school, voting, etc…

• consider moving the time frame for voting in new board members to be later than April.

• declare a certain month to be considered the annual meeting at which the new budget would be approved and new board positions filled

• determine best term regulations for board positions – 2 years with the possibility of two terms concept was discussed

• consider adding a clause declaring guideline for funding students/families in need

Volunteers for School Year

• Volunteer poster sign-ups were displayed at the Back To School Night, with little to no results

• Posters are up again at assessments and will also be displayed at Ice cream social, if needed

• There is a large need for BRAVO and ART ADVENTURE volunteers at this time

• It was suggested that we make the sign-up posters more clear in the future as to how big or little the commitment will be

• As stated earlier the large back to school mailing was not sent out this year. That packet used to have an opportunity for parents to get their names in the volunteer database. How do we reach our new families to get them on the database without that mailing?

• It was suggested to tie together signing up for the directory with getting name into volunteer database

• We can possibly send out a schoology to get emails for the volunteer database as well

Coordinator Event Updates

• Ice cream social • We will have a backup date for ice cream social this year

• Spirit Wear• American Outfitters was used last year. We can reuse the saved samples for use in future years if we go with this vendor again. • Bill Gabler is another option for a vendor this year. We will compare products and prices at next meeting

• EStem night • Karen getting a date set – early March

• School Store • Changing to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 – 9:30. • Tuesdays K-2 will shop and Thursdays 3 – 5 will shop

• Coke Rewards volunteer • Alane Madsen offered to fill this position (yay!) 🙂

• Wendys Night • We are still looking into other restaurant opportunities.

• Box Tops • Box Top money will continue to go to the school at this time • We are going to make it 25 box tops to earn a meal, rather than 50

Meeting Adjourned Heather N motioned to adjourn meeting. Judy R seconded. Meeting adjourned

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