August 2016 PTC meeting minutes

August 2016 WestWood PTC Meeting

8/9/2016 6:30 PM

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Tony Hauschildt, Tami Adams, Lori Bui, Heather Nelson, Heather Banas, Becky Smith, Jen Knox, Kira Kuksenko, Amanda Swenson, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson


June minutes  Lori Bui motioned to approve minutes. Beck Smith seconded. Motion passed.

Mrs. Zwolenski’s Principal Update

• Student enrollment has continued to grow

• A 4th grade section was recently added

• 621 students currently enrolled in WestWood

• Gina G requested a list of teacher names & student counts by classroom for Student Benefit Dollars.

• Mrs.Zwolenski will be providing Gina G with a specific time for Gina to arrive at the teacher/staff workshop to speak about changes to PTC and important information for the teachers should know.

Treasurer Report

• $13,800 is our balance for starting the 2016/2017 school year

• J Biz was added as a new line item for 5th grade Junior Achievement

• We will look into how having FeePay for planners, t-shirt sales and yearbook orders will impact our budget

• Discussed looking into changes that would allow us to build on out estimated year end balance. Some ideas included: Having box top money go directly to PTC, finding volunteers eligible of a company price match.

• Kira is going to look into how the use of FeePay will impact payment of yearbook & planner companies.

Calendar Of PTC Events

• 5th grade celebration date TBD

• Date of eSTEM night TBD

Partnering with Local restaurants

• We are currently continuing with Wendys. Jen Knox is our new contact person.

• Looking into Charlie’s, Davannis and The Pointe

PTC ByLaws

• Gina Gertner made a motion to modify our current PTC bylaws.

• PTC members should review our current bylaws (distributed at the meeting) and compare with other bylaws (additional sample also distributed at meeting).

• The motion will be discussed at a future meeting.

Back To School Night – Volunteer Roundup

• Gina G and Gina H are meeting on August 18th to prepare for an initiative to try to recruit additional volunteers for the upcoming school year.

• An email will be sent with meeting time and location ASAP – all invited.

• Teachers will be asked to have a sign up sheet for a classroom PTC rep. (PTC will provide this form to the teachers.)

Laker Pride Outfitters

• Bill Gabler offered to have Under Armour Laker Gear for sale at Back To School Night

• PTC would keep a percentage of the sales

• He also offered to have an online store for WestWood families and staff

• We are hoping this can be in addition to our annual Fall Spirit Wear sale as coordinate by Kim Frantz.

• Gina G will reach out to Bill and Kim to see if/how we can move forward on all

School Store

• Days will change to Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00 – 9:30)

• K-2 will shop on Tuesdays, 3-5 will shop on Thursdays

• Donated “Team Olivia” bracelets will be on sale at the school store – proceeds will go to the Lesch Family

Meeting Adjourned.

Next Meeting – 9/6/16 at 6:30

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2 Responses to August 2016 PTC meeting minutes

  1. micky says:

    Please take me off this list, no longer have a student at Westwood. Thanks.


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