November 2015 PTC meeting minutes

November 2015 PTC Meeting

11/10/15 6:30 pm

Attendees: Gina Gertner, Rachel Jensen, Amanda Swenson, Jen Knox, Lori Bui, Sarah Watters, Jennifer Bisbee, Shelly Garrity, Heather Nelson, Alane Madsen, Derrick Madsen, Katie Mahoney


October Minutes.

Alane motioned to approve minutes, Amanda seconded. Motion passed.

 Principal Update.

  • The Read-a-thon goal was met and the kids enjoyed their day with Mrs. Mahoney dressed as a clown, along with the other prizes.
  • Conferences start next week.
  • Further clarification of background checks. They are required for field trip volunteers and for volunteers who are with a small group of children outside of classroom on a regular basis. Background checks are not required for classroom parties, or for Art Adventure, Bravo, or Kindergarten Live volunteers. For further information see the link on the School District Website. Those who have an issue with the fee may speak to Mrs. Mahoney about the district covering the cost.
  • A choir instructor has been hired.

Superintendent update.

  • Staloch provided information on a survey she conducted within the district. She asked questions related to strength and desired improvements. She also conducted a staff survey.
  • Staloch also provided information on the referendum that will be held in May. There is an assessment currently underway of existing sites in the district, as many are at capacity or will be soon. The board will assess options and then will decide on the amount to be requested in the referendum.   Vote will be held in May.
  • Short Q&A.

Treasurer Report.

  • Tax return has been completed.
  • No unapproved items have come in.

 Read-a-thon review.

  • The Read-a-thon goal was met! Read-a-thon Day went well as did the Teacher Activities night and pizza lunch. Mrs. Schwingler is working on the book prize for students. Top fundraiser prizes and the drawing prize were awarded at the all school meeting.

November conferences.

  • On November 17th and 23rd the PTC will provide meals for the teachers. Sign up Genius will go out.

Family Fun Night.

  • Gina is working on a low cost DJ.
  • Cosmopolitan Dental will provide a free photo booth.

Spirit Wear.

  • On sale now

Coordinator Updates.

  • ESTEM night – teachers are coordinating, will need volunteers via Sign Up Genius.
  • Twins day – will be May 21 or June 4
  • Amazon Smiles – is now set up
  • DOGS – potential social event may be Dads and Donuts in January.
  • Author visits – Katie is working on bringing authors in.
  • Labels – can also include Pepperidge Farms labels.


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