October 2015 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC Meeting Minutes

10/6/2015 6:30 pm

Attendees: Heather Banas, Jill Duvall, Shelly Garrity, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson, Jen Knox, Kira Kuksenko, Katie Mahoney, Amanda Swenson, Nicole Tomsich


Approved the September Minutes.

September minutes were approved.

Principal Update.

  • Mahoney provided an update on the Demographic Review Committee, which will be presenting recommendations to school board in October.
    • Elementary schools and high school are already at 100% capacity, middle school is at 85=% capacity.
    • This year the PLS school district has the largest Kindergarten enrollment in the district’s history.
    • Last year for the first time, the district had more open enrollment than students who left the district.
    • But capacity issues are not due to open enrollment—it is due to population change (families moving into the district) and housing growth.
    • New elementary school may be built
    • La ola del lago, Spanish immersion school, will need more space in a year.
  • Read A Thon Kick Off went well. The Fifth graders have selected a challenge for Mrs. Mahoney when the Read A Thon Fundraising Goal is met: Dress up like a clown all day!
  • Background checks will be required, district-wide, for all volunteers who attend field trips or who are unsupervised with children. Art Adventure and Bravo do not require background checks because the teacher is in the room.
  • Harvest Festival is coming up and will include costumes this year, will re-evaluate for next year.

Laker Educational Foundation.

  • Mallory Stoll from the Laker Educational Foundation presented information on the group. Leah Bulver received a grant from this organization for the new WestWood kindergarten environmental education program.
  • Mallory asked for a Silent Auction basket donation from the PTC for their Blue Jeans Ball fundraiser, which will be held on October 23. She requested the basket be dropped off with Martha Walls at the District Office by October 16. Businesses and individuals may also contribute baskets and auction items.

Treasurer’s Report.

  • Reviewed past month’s expenses and income.
  • Motion to approve clay expense for Dana Sullivan, Art Teacher (this was a pre-approved budget item) by Gina Gertner, second by Heather, Motion passed.
  • Discussed Publications budget item, includes Time for Kids and other publications provided to students. Will hold off on paying this until after the Read A Thon, if possible. Action item: Kira will check with Beverly on the terms of the invoice.

Coordinator Updates.

Kindness in Chalk – Sign up Genius has gone out for this. October 8 from 6:30-7:30.

Read A Thon – Is underway and the 2015-16 budget items will be re-evaluated after it is completed.

Target Red Card – This program will end in Spring 2016.

Spirit Wear – There will be items on display at WestWood and ordering will take place in November with delivery before December 25.

Bravo K-2 Music Appreciation Program – Looking for additional volunteers. Contact Kim Frantz at frantzkim@hotmail.com for more information.

Art Adventure Grades 3-5 Art Appreciation Program – Contact Shelly Garrity at strondson@hotmail.com for more information.

Lakeville movie tickets – Available for a few more weeks.

Family Fun Night – Scheduled for Feb 5th. Budget and activities will be finalized after Read A Thon dollars are known.

ESTEM night – Scheduled for March 3.   PTC will coordinate volunteers; teachers are planning activities.

Wendy’s Night – Remains the 3rd Tuesday of each month, but the program has changed. Wendy’s will donate 20% but you must say you’re with WestWood. Previous program did not require this, but donated a lesser percentage, 10%, of total sales for the night.

DOGS – Gina is meeting with Glendale Dogs. Jen talked to a PTC contact at Redtail Ridge for ideas.

Labels for Education. Action item: Jen will send an email to Kirsten and ask her to send out re:   Pepperidge Farms box tops needed for Soup Labels and double points in November.   Jen will also check into Milk Moola, Tyson, and Amazon Smile.

Applebees – Gina has a call into Wendy’s for a possible WestWood night, similar to the Wendy’s night.

 Next meeting.

  • Tuesday, November 10 at 6:30
  • Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Teri Staloch will attend.
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