August 2015 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood Elementary PTC

Meeting Minutes

August 4, 2015 6:30 pm

Attendees: Kelly Malecha, Heather Nelson, Becky Smith, Gina Hendrickson, Kira Kuksenko, Gina Gertner, Heather Banas, Michelle Cuka, Jessica Nelson, Katie Mahoney, Sophia Lesch, Shelly Garrity


 Approve the June Minutes. June minutes were approved.

 Principals report.

  • Katie Mahoney introduced herself and provided some information on her background and experience.
  • There are 566 students enrolled at WestWood as of 8/4.
  • WestWood received approval to hire one more teacher.
  • Teacher assignments will go out 8/24.
  • Work on Leah Bulver’s nature based kindergarten classroom has been underway this summer.

2015/16 Budget.

  • Existing dollars will cover the fall ice cream social; may have to scale back other events depending on results of Read-a-thon.
  • Student benefit dollars are provided to teachers at a set amount per classroom plus $4/student.

Action item: Kira and Gina will recalculate budgeted Student Benefit Dollars and will send out an email detailing the calculation.

  • Holding off on approving the budget until this recalculation occurs.

 Garden Bricks and Gardens.

  • The garden bricks have been installed in the Butterfly Garden.
  • Katie is working on Garden Sustainability Plan for the District Facilities department. There is a need to find groups to maintain each of the gardens on a regular basis. Once a plan is established and approved, Katie will look at a plan for a vegetable garden.

Action item: Need a Sign Up Genius for a Butterfly Garden clean up before the Ice Cream Social

 Great Start to Kindergarten Assessments.

  • Gina is monitoring the Sign Up Genius to see if all slots are filled. Katie will help out if needed.

Back to School Event, 9/2.

Action item: Gina will add a sign up at the bottom of PTC Ordering slip for volunteer opportunities.   She is working with Kirsten to get the form printed and into the 8/24 mailing.

  • Will have a table in the gym in the gym to sell t-shirts, planners, yearbooks, 3:00-5:30
  • Michelle and Gina Hendrickson will be there by 3:00 to set up and cover an early shift.

Action item: Need a Sign Up Genius for additional shifts.

2015-16 Read a thon.

Action item: Gina will schedule a committee meeting in August.

Coordinator Updates.

  • Ice cream social – Kelly Malecha is booking the Schwann’s ice cream truck; planning for a drawing of about 10 prizes; will unveil garden bricks
  • Blue and gold directoryAction item: Gina is talking to Beverly about the possibility of an online directory
  • DOGS – there is no leader for this group. Action item: Gina creating an informational poster for back to school event and Ice Cream Social with the idea of holding a meeting for interested Dads to get them started.
  • Coke rewards – Points are now dollars and the check will go directly to the school
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