PTC Update

Hello WestWood families –

The 2014/2015 school year is quickly coming to a close. Wow – it went fast!

Thank you!!!

I want to take a minute to thank you for your generous support of the PTC. Whether you volunteered your time or donated your money, or both, it is certainly appreciated! This note is also meant to inform you of the fundraising results of the current year, the programs/events that the PTC was involved in and some important changes that will occur for the next school year.

How we did this year

This year we did three main fundraisers; Chip Shoppe, Read-a-thon and Butter Braids.

Here are the results of those efforts:

Fundraising initiative Goal (after related expenses) Actual (after related expenses Outcome
The Chip Shoppe $17,000 $14,573.33 Didn’t meet
Read-a-thon $8,000 $11,226.31 Exceeded
Butter Braid® $5,000 $5,003.36 Met


Funds are raised for the school in other ways as well. Some of these fabulous programs include:

  • Box Tops for Education™
  • My Coke Rewards®
  • Target Take Charge of Education®
  • Labels for Education®

How PTC funds were used this year

Using the funds you helped us raised, the PTC sponsored many activities for the school including:

  • Student benefit dollars (each teacher gets a small amount of money at the beginning of the school year to purchase supplemental supplies for their classroom)
  • Back to school ice cream social
  • Blue and Gold Student Directories
  • Bravo music program for grades K – 3
  • Art Adventure for grades 4 and 5
  • Family Fun Night
  • Field trip scholarships and related transportation charges
  • Staff/teacher appreciation breakfast
  • Fifth grade end of the year celebration
  • Memorial garden bricks for the WestWood flower garden
  • Ice cream social to honor Mrs. Winfield

WOW – I think that is a pretty impressive list!

We hear and appreciate your opinions!!

We have been listening to your opinions. Here is what we have heard:

  • Having the children sell items to family and friends is not a preferred way to raise money.
  • We would like 100% of the money donated to go to PTC or the school rather than only a percentage of the funds raised like with The Chip Shoppe.
  • Butter Braid pastries are yummy!

Resulting changes for next year

Therefore, the PTC board has decided to make some changes to the fundraising initiatives that are done next year.

During the 2015/2016 school year we will raise money to support the programs/events we offer with the Read-a-thon and Butter Braids. We will NOT do The Chip Shoppe fundraiser next year. The Read-a-thon fundraiser will take place in October 2015 and Butter Braids will be sold in February/March 2016. We will also continue to earn money with the great programs like Box Tops for Education, Soup Labels for Education, My Coke Rewards and Target Take Charge of Education.

We will have to evaluate the activities we support or events we offer if we do not meet the fundraising goals that we will be establishing. You will be informed of the fundraising goals before the start of the next school year.

We need/want you! 🙂

We would love to have more of your input as we are identifying the fundraising activities we participate in and where the money is spent. Therefore, I wouldn’t be doing my job as PTC president if I didn’t invite you to attend the PTC meetings. You are always welcome to attend! There is no pressure to volunteer for events or activities at the meetings. Coming to a meeting is a great way to hear an update from the principal and get a status on all things PTC related. The meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of each school month at 6:30 pm in the WestWood media center. A staff member from Kids Company provides child care for all children no longer requiring diapers.

The last PTC meeting for the current school year is on Tuesday, June 2 at 6:30 pm…after the ice cream social to bid Mrs. Winfield farewell and to thank her for her support and dedication to WestWood. The first PTC meeting for the 2015/2016 school year will take place on August 4.

A complete PTC calendar of events will be included in the back to school packet of information that is sent home from WestWood over the summer.

Thank you for reading to the end of this important note. On behalf of the PTC board, have a safe, happy and productive summer!


Gina Gertner

WestWood PTC President


Get in touch with us:

Like our Facebook page – search for WestWood PTC.

Visit our website at

Send us an email

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