PTC November meeting minutes

PTC Committee 2014-15

Meeting Minutes

11/11/2014 6:30 pm

In Attendance: Gina Gertner, Tyanne Riegle, Kim Wylde, Pam Winfield, Michelle Cuka, Lori Bui, Heather Nelson, Lisa Henningsen, Jessica Nelson, Amanda Swenson, Becky Smith

Gina Gertner called the meeting to order.

Introductions and October Minutes Approval. Michelle Chuka motion to approve. Rachel Jensen seconded. Passed.

Principal Update/Teacher Requests. Pam Winfield

* Fall harvest was great fun, all the kids and teachers enjoyed the costumes and parties.

* MN We Day, on November 11th the service club will be attending at the Xcel in St. Paul. The event will be televised and kids will wear WestWood Pride shirts. Project subject this year is “Making the world a better place” with inspiration to do community service.

* Global Service Project for WestWood is again discussed to be Feed My Starving Children. There was great success last year when the kids wend to Shepherd of the Lake Church. This year we will possibly add the 2nd grade to attend with 3,4,5th grades.

* Wolfridge, the 5th graders will be leaving bright and early on Monday December 1st.

* MAP test results are coming out in the mail shortly as well as MCA test results for the end of 2013/2014 school year.

Treasurer Report. Kira Kuksenko, Amanda Swenson.

Amanda gave the report. No funding requests at this meeting.

We have several items that are due to pay out, Chip Shoppe, Planners and Directories.

New Business

* PTC Carnival 2015. Meeting for discussion of the PTC Carnival was held at the City Hall on 11/6. Sara Kermes with Five Hawks will be leading the PTC Carnival for the community. $1500 seed money has been requested from each elementary that wishes to be included in the proceeds. Additional discussion items were continuation of silent auction or change to a raffle. PTC’s could also bring other ideas to the committee. Each school will need volunteers on all carnival items and a representative as a contact to report on how everything is coming along. WestWood is in favor of the $1500 seed money and would like to see if baskets could be used for raffle items.

* Feed My Starving Children. Children are given a small M&M container to collect quarters which are turned in when working on the FMSC project. We can purchased these @ $1 each direct from FMSC or found on Amazon @ $22.30 for 24. Pam will PTC know how many M&M containers we will need to order. Gina motioned to approve ordering the M&M containers when ready, Becky Smith 2nd. Passed.

* Garden Bricks. The volunteer heading this items will no longer be able. Discussion about if we refund money for those already purchased or move forward with selling additional bricks. All bricks will not be placed until enough bricks are sold. Becky Smith has volunteered to continue the Garden Bricks and will contact the company to obtain the necessary information.

Coordinator Updates

Movie Tickets. Sales were a little better last year, but still enjoyable. Fun will be had with the tickets as sold.

Spirit Wear. Gina Gertner printed color flyers at Office Max to show the items better for all those who wish to purchase. District printing is only available in B/W. Office Max color cost was unfortunately $220 which concerned Gina and asked if the PTC would cover this cost one time. Pam Winfield motioned to reimburse $220, Tyanne Riegle 2nd. Passed.

Family Fun Night. – Gina Gertner and Michelle Cuka have obtained a DJ and will get an invoice for the deposit fee.

Gift Card Winner: Rachel Jensen

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