PTC September 2014 Meeting minutes

PTC Committee 2014-15

 Meeting Minutes

9/9/2014 6:30 pm

In Attendance: Louise McKenna, Kelly Malecha, Tyanne Riegle, Kimberly Bergan, Jessica Nelson, Heather Nelson, Gina Gertner, Shelly Garrity, Pam Winfield, Amanda Swenson, Matt Christensen, Michelle Cuka

Gina Gertner called the meeting to order.

 Introductions and August Minutes Approval.   Shelly Garrity motion to approve. Kelly Malecha seconded. Passed.

Principal Update/Teacher Requests. Pam Winfield

  • New Playground equipment should be installed late this week/early next week. There was a delay in the shipping/receipt of a piece or pieces of it.
  • New paint on the playground was completed
  • Assessment Days went well

 New Business

Ice Cream Social, 9/18

  • Will have the Schwann’s truck again
  • Winfield will draw a name from each grade and those children will be invited to cut the ribbon for the new playground equipment at 6 pm. Gina will get a ribbon.
  • We have about 20 prizes, drawing to occur at 6:40
  • All PTC officers will be there to distribute the ice cream and hold the drawing; no sign up genius needed

 Background Checks

Discussion around whether background checks are necessary for all PTC volunteers. District does not require them and will not support them administratively.   However, all overnight trips (Wolf Ridge for example) require a background check on all volunteers and all district employees undergo a background check. PTC volunteers are never alone with children; therefore there is always someone present who has undergone a background check.

Consensus after polling the group: PTC will not institute background checks other than those already in place for volunteers who participate in overnight trips.

Open Positions

Family Fun Night in January – Michelle, Matt, and Gina will work on this

Read a Thon – Shelly, Kimberly, Kelly will work on this

 Treasurer Report

  • Student benefit dollars provided to the teachers were around budgeted amount of $7,000
  • Will have an updated budget report next meeting.

 Other items

  • Gina and her husband will create a plexi-glass type of box for use at PTC functions as a “PTC Donation” box for free will donations.
  • Discussed ideas for increasing volunteerism
  • Discussed potential use of school supply company

 Gift Card Winner: Kimberly Bergan

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