PTC August 2014 Meeting minutes

PTC Committee 2014-15

Meeting Minutes  8 /5/2014 6:35 pm

In Attendance: Gina Gertner, Kelly Malecha, Amanda Swenson, Tyanne Riegle, Pam Winfield, Kim Wylde, Michelle Cuka, Becky Smith, Michelle Kalb, Matt Christensen

Gina Gertner called the meeting to order.

 June Minutes Approval. Amanda motioned to approve. Pam seconded. Passed.

Principal Update/Teacher Requests. Pam Winfield

  • WestWood enrollment count has increased for the 2014-2015 school year to 560. Open enrollment accounts for approximately 20%. Currently 3 of the elementary schools in Prior Lake are closed to open enrollment due to capacity. WestWood continues to be open at this time.
  • Pam requested that the PTC purchase a WestWood 50th Anniversary plaque to be hung in the school. Approved. The request for payment has been submitted.
  • Pam requested from the PTC the downpaymet for the annual Youth Frontier Kindness Retreat in the amount of $750.   The remainder will be paid at a later date amounting to the full total of $2,175.
  • The new year will consist of 24 classrooms and the addition of several new teachers.

Treasurers Report. Amanda Swenson

Amanda has continued the treasurer’s report to show the 2013-2014 budget, 2013-2014 actual and 2014-2015 proposed. Kira Kuksenko is working with Amanda on taking over the treasury position.

 Coordinator Updates.

Open PTC volunteer positions for 2014-15 school year:

Read a thon

Family Fun Night

Spirit wear – Kim Frantz has volunteered to coordinate with WestWood and is currently seeking a new vendor.

Playground Equipment Purchase.

The Spacenet Climber will be installed at the end of August.

Back To School

WestWood back to school information will be out 8/25 with teacher assignments and additional student information. PTC will include in the envelope a 2 sided page with information on PTC important dates, fundraisers and allocations. Additionally PTC will include a pre-order form for T-Shirts/Yearbook/Planners to bring back on Open House Night or Assessment times for parents.

Open House Night:   September 4th, PTC will have a table with the sales of T-Shirts, Yearbook orders and Planners. Discussion was to raise the price of T-Shirts this year $1 to increase the PTC funds covering the taxes we pay on all sale items. Additionally we will add a line to the mail order form sent out pre open house letting parents donate to the PTC directly when they order.

Assessment Days Kindergarten: August 12th 2-6pm, August 13th 1-5pm, August 14th 8-12pm, families will be invited to have a scheduled appointment with their teacher.

Assessment Days Grades 1-5: September 8th & 9th 7-3:30, families will be invited to schedule their student for a testing time with their teacher and the parent can see the schoology website to familiarize themselves.

PTC will be available at all assessment dates for T-Shirt, Yearbook, and Planner (grades 1-5) sales as well as additional information on how to join the PTC or volunteer.

 Target Red Card

What are ways we can promote families assigning their Target red card to WestWood. Possibly sending home a 1/3 sheet near the report card time frame in November, having flyers at Assessment and Open House times, continuing to have the information on the Newsletter. Becky brought information straight from Targets website showing what has been donated to WestWood over the 2013 calendar year by 135 Red Cards over $6000. She will continue to track this information.

Family Fun Night

Possibly changing up the style to family movie night showing in the gym, continue the pizza, add inflatables and keep a few games. We discussed the pool of volunteers are usually the same and could we draw in new people with a change. Michelle Cuka has offered to assist with the event.

8:10 Gina motion to close meeting, Matt 2nd, Meeting adjourned.

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