June 2017 PTC meeting minutes

June 2017 PTC Meeting

June 6, 2017 6:30 pm

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Tony Hauschildt, Gina Gertner, Heather Nelson, Lori Bui, Amy Zwart, Jessica Olstad, Kira Kuksenko

May Minutes: Gina Gertner motioned to approve. Lori Bui seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update:

  • The last month has been incredible!
  • The awards celebration took place today.
  • There will be an all school meeting on Thursday.
  •  Track & Field:
    • 5 th grade and Kindergarten Fun in the Sun were great.
    • Grades 1 – 4 will do Track & field on Wednesday, June 7.
  • Mrs. Zwolenski has gone into some classrooms this month and is happy to report that the teachers are ensuring that learning is still taking place.
  • The year is closing out nicely.
  •  Leaving WestWood: We wish them all the best.
    • Mrs. Bulver – will be teaching at Gustavus.
    • Mohamed Mohamed – going to college.
    • Sue Muelken – retiring.
    • Brandi Ahlstrand – peer coach at Jeffers Pond.
    •  Lisa Wolff – Going to Redtail Ridge. o Erin Nordstrom – Looking for something closer to her home.

Lakefront MusicFest:

  •  The acts have been announced.
    • The Fray on Friday.
    •  Billy Currington on Saturday.
  •  Admission volunteers:
    • Only three people have signed up for Friday but Tony and his wife will also sign up. Zero volunteers for Saturday.
    •  Amy Zwart asked how this volunteer opportunity was announced to all WestWood families.
      •  There has not been a mass communication about this so Tony will work on some verbiage that Kirsten will send out via Schoology or ListServ.
  • Tickets have been sold – not sure how many.
    •  We are not liable for unsold paper tickets if they are turned back in to Prior Lake Rotary before the event.
    • Tony will pick up extra paper tickets that haven’t been sold from the office or from the person selling them.
      •  He will contact those people to let them know how to return their unsold tickets.

Restaurants to partner with:

  • Will Wendy’s still be used next year?
  • Are there other local restaurants we could partner with?
    • Jessica Olstad said Redtail Ridge did a fun event with Chuck E Cheese.
      • She will call there to get the details.
    •  Tony Hauschildt with follow up with Noodles.
    •  Amy Zwart will call Davani’s. 2017 – 2018

PTC Calendar:

  • The group proposed some changes to the calendar that Gina Hendrickson started.
    •  Gina Gertner will send the modifications to Gina Hendrickson.
    • The calendar will be given to all families at the start of the new school year.

Spirit Week:

  • The meeting attendees agreed that WestWood should start celebrating Prior Lake Homecoming by participating in Spirit Week.
  • The kids would participate in certain activities each day of the week.
  •  Example: one day could be wear pajamas, the next could be wear a hat, another day could be crazy hair day, etc. The final day would be wear Laker Pride gear.
  •  The PTC would be responsible for creating a flyer to send home announcing the week and what the staff approved activities are.
  • The date of homecoming is not listed on the district calendar.
    • Need to find out when that is.

Get Moving Crew:

  • Jessica said Redtail Ridge worked with this organization and had great results.
  •  Tony will be training with Jim from Get Moving Crew the week of June 12.
    • Tony will recap with the group at the next meeting or via email.

Treasurer Report/Budget Update:

  •  Amy Zwart will be the treasurer for the 2017/ 2018 school year.
  • Gina Gertner and Kira Kuksenko need to be removed from the bank account and Tony and Amy need to be added.
    • Need to coordinate a time when they can all go to the bank to get this done.
  • Some normal expenses should be added to the budget:
    • Clay expense o Incoming Kindergarten books
    • Kindergarten Fun in the Sun
  •  A meeting was held on June 7 to look at:
    • Process for teacher funding requests
    •  Process for purchases (planners, t-shirts and yearbooks) at the Back to School event.
      • The recommendation is to have all items sold at the Back to School event run through FeePay.

Meeting Adjourned:

Gina Gertner motioned to adjourn the meeting. Jessica Olstad seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Have a happy and safe summer!

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May 2017 PTC meeting minutes

May 2017 PTC Meeting

04/04/17 6:30 pm

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson, Heather Nelson, Lori Bui, Amy Zwart, Kira Kuksenko

April Minutes: Lori Bui motioned to approve, Gina Hendrickson seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update:

  • • Its May! Lots of positive energy in the building.
  • • Math and Reading MCAs will be complete after Friday of this week
  • • Science MCAs will be complete after next week
  • • MAP testing is now underway • May all school meeting went great today
  • • Last all school meeting for the 2016/2017 school year will be in June
  • • Thursday afternoon will be the Kindergarten visit for next year’s K students

Teacher Appreciation Week

  • • First full week of May
  • • Teachers had lunch provided by Mrs.Zwolenski on Monday
  • • PTC will provide breakfast to show our appreciation on Friday, May 12th

Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • • Deposits
    • Benevity deposit (company match) $14
    • School store deposit $133
  • • Expenses
    • – Taxes completed $1000
    • – Subscriptions/Publications for 2016/2017 school year (Time magazine, etc) $2610
    • – Author visit $1000
    • – Butter braids $9383.33
    • – Get Moving Crew (Read-a-Thon for 2017/2018 school year) $500
    • – Track & Field (5th grade T&F and grades 1-4 T&F) – $829
    • – Fun in the Sun (K track and field day) $364
  • • Income from butter braids – $5853.67

Budget Planning/Clarifications

  • • Due to confusion regarding how funds are accessed by teachers and how requests can and should be made, it was suggested that we have a meeting that includes Beverly, the PTC board and any interested teachers or parents to discuss the process.
  • • If we are able to set up said meeting, it will likely be in the morning before school.

Back to School Night

  • • An additional meeting was also suggested to address next year’s Back to School Night to determine the best process for selling and distributing yearbooks, planners and WW Pride shirts. (Fee Pay, checks, cash, prepay, etc…)

Music Fest Update

  • • We are still waiting for Friday’s act to be announced
  • • We are encouraged to continue to promote online ticket sales on behalf of WestWood • We can continue to sell tickets through July 13th
  • • We have Chik-Fil-A coupons to hand out when raffle tickets are sold
  • Succession Planning
  • • We have a new parent coming to WestWood from Redtail Ridge who is interested in possibly taking on our Vice Presidency
  • • We are still actively looking for a new Treasurer
  • • Several committee openings including, but not limited to: Family Fun Night and Reada-Thon Committee

Meeting Adjourned

Lori Bui motioned to adjourn meeting. Heather Nelson seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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