February 2017 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC Minutes

February 6th, 2017

Attendees: Tony Hauschildt, Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Gina Gertner, Michelle Cuka, Jenni Reimers, Lori Bui, Heather Nelson

January Minutes: Gina H motioned to approve the January minutes. Gina G seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update:

  • Looking forward to Friday night – Family Fun Night
  • Re-imagine Minnesota (World Cafe) event is at TOMS this Thursday night. Please encourage parents to be there.
  • 5th grade had a field to Feed My Starving Children today. It went very well and many compliments were received regarding our fabulous fifth grade students!
  •  Read-a-thon month has kicked off. First meeting was great! The month long celebration will culminate with an author visit on March 8th.

Family Fun Night:

  • Only 5 of 117 volunteer slots remain open at this time.
  • Gina G will send an email inviting staff to join us as volunteers or just to be a part of the fun.
  •  As of 2/6/17, we have sold 418 tickets, 94 wristbands, 120 meal vouchers!

Treasurer Update:

• We have received two company matching donations totaling $245 tied to the Fall Readathon.

  • Family Fun Night expenses will be reported after the event.
  • $2200 went to the recent Kindness Retreat.
  •  $450 went to the Zoo Mobile.
  • $15,664 is our current available balance.


  • There is $2500 in the PTC budget for publications/subscriptions. Teachers are going to have a conversation regarding:
  1.  The cost of the publications they currently get each year
  2. Do they wish to continue with the same subscriptions
  3. Are there other publications they would prefer

Jim with the Prior Lake Rotary Presented:

  • History and current mission of Rotary
  •  Lakefront Music Fest
  •  History of Music Fest
  • Opportunity for our school to make money as a non-profit with the rotary

Revenue Opportunities with Music Fest

Ticket Sales

  • Tickets cost $30 for Friday and Saturday if purchased ahead. Tickets cost $30 over night if purchased closer to the event.
  • WestWood PTC keeps 50% of our ticket revenue


  • This years raffle includes a truck, $5000 and $1000.
  • Raffle tickets are $10 each
  • WestWood PTC keeps 50% of our raffle ticket revenue


  • If we get a sponsorship, WestWood PTC keeps 50% of the first time cash contribution.
  • Year 2 50%, Year 3 40%, Year 4 30%, Years 5+ 20%

Volunteer hours

  • WestWood PTC earns $20/hour for each hour of volunteer work
  • MusicFest Kickoff party is March 7th – Musical guests will be announced that night • Our next step Do we want to particpate? What kind of goals do we want to set?


  • Tony met with a representative from this marketing organization.
  • They offer a three tier option for support in fundraisers (3 different levels of support.)
  • WestWood PTC would pay them a certain amount depending upon how involved they are (which tier we choose.)
  • They typically retain 33 – 45% of the event revenue.
  • This company likes to use a Fun Run format. Students receive pledges according to how many laps they complete.
  • This company suggested having the event in the Spring, but Tony will ask if they could do a Fall event.
  • We can look into similar (local) agencies that have been used by other local schools (i.e, Apex.)

Noodles & Company:

  • Tony is currently looking into a partnership with the new local Noodles & Company

Spirit Wear:

  • Overall this event didn’t go well this year
  • Will look into a new vendor for next year

Meeting Adjourned:

• Gina G motioned to adjourn meeting. Gina H seconded. Meeting adjourned.

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January 2017 PTC meeting minutes

WestWood PTC Minutes

January 3, 2017

Attendees: Tony Hauschildt, Karen Zwolenski, Gina Gertner, Gina Hendrickson, Jenni Reimers, Amanda Swenson, Alexa Chapin, Adrienne Kelsey, Kira Kuksenko, Cassie Downard, Judy Rowland


December Minutes: Gina G motioned to approve the December meeting minutes. Gina H seconded. Motion passed.

Principal Update:

  • January will be a busy month with many events falling between tonight and our next PTC meeting
  •  SAGE info night
  •  Kindness Retreat for 4th graders
  • Second greasers taking COGAT test
  • Geography Bee • Kindergarten Registration
  •  I Love to Read Month will kick off
  • This committee has not met yet. After they meet, Karen will present the PTC with any potential requests for our support.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade music concert
  • 5th graders going to Feed My Starving Children
  • In years past the PTC has purchased M&M tubes to collect quarters to use as Feed My Starving Children donations. This year, the PTC funds will be used for bussing instead of the M&M tubes.
  •  No 2017 ESTEM night discussions have occurred to date

Treasurer Report

  •  There were few transactions in the month of December
  • PTC ordered and paid for adult size WestWood t-shirts
  • Readathon expenses were increased due to payment for pizza lunch
  • Money was deposited from school store
  • Carnival prize expenses
  • Field trip spending is currently at $1452 of $4000
  • Tax return was completed for 2015/2016

Family Fun Carnival update:

  • Name changed to reflect new games being introduced to our annual family event
  • IPod music will be played in gym where the games will be held (in lieu of DJ)
  • Cosmopolitan is donating a hockey shoot out game (in lieu of photo booth)
  • We are adding carnival games – they will be in the gym and will require tickets
  • Game tickets will be 50 cents each, or $5 for an unlimited wristband option
  •  Tickets will also be used for food and drinks as in previous years. Pre-purchase option will be available for all tickets.
  •  There will be less decorating this year
  • More volunteers will be needed this year to run games. Michelle C and Gina G will ask for volunteers in the letter going home. A sign up genius will also be sent out prior to the event.
  •  We will continue to look into using the PTC carnival games kept in storage in the future. Thus year, we did not have the means for transporting and/or storing the games. A few od the smaller games will be used this year.
  • We can look into putting any potential profits from the Family Fun Night right back into that event

Coordinator Updates

• Twins Day

  • Adrienne reserved 150 tickets for Sunday, May 21st (vs KC Royals)
  •  Adrienne will advertise any giveaways and “extras” for kids (i.e. running bases)

• Coke Rewards – Alane Madsen is coordinating

• Staff Appreciation Breakfast

  • May 5th
  •  Tony volunteered to take this event
  • In the past there has been a breakfast provided for staff (yogurt, pastries, fruit, coffee) as well as small prizes won from drawings

• School Store

  •  Gina H currently coordinates, but will not be able to continue next year
  •  Jessie Hawley will continue to assist next year’s coordinator

• Vice President – Will be open next year

MusicFest Rotary Fundraiser

  •  This idea was introduced at December’s meeting
  •  Tony reached out to Tim Bell and is meeting with him to look into using this as a potential fundraiser later this year.
  • Tony will get more information such as who else uses this fundraiser, if there is a minimum sell required, etc
  •  More info to come at February meeting. If we pursue, a rotary representative might attend that meeting to present us with all of the needed information.


  • Check mailboxes as board members
  • Next meeting is February 7th

Meeting Adjourned Gina G made a motion to adjourn tonight’s meeting. Gina H seconded. Motion Passed.

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