November 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC – Minutes from Nov. 4 Meeting

In attendance: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Clare Presly, Sarah Zieman, Dana Niemann, Jen Maloney, Brian Schulz, Alice Henry, Jaya Kokotovich

  1. Welcome and approval of October minutes – this did not happen, as copies weren’t made in time for the meeting. A vote did not take place. Will vote at next meeting.
  2. Principal update:
    1. Communication about a standard re-unification method was sent by Dr. Staloch to all district parents. Karen says it’s “pretty straightforward” and she’s “proud to be part of this district (that’s so) proactive.”
    2. WestWood enrollment is stable at this point in the year
  3. Treasurer report
    1. WestWood paid for the last of the flex seating ($3,014)
    2. PTC paid for the Wolf Ridge scholarships (kids go first week in December) ($1,000)
    3. PTC paid for magazines for classrooms ($1,454,76)
    4. Butter Braids income so far: $19,178. Last year, we had $22K, but more is expected to come in the next few days.
    5. Jessica will sign tax forms to turn in.
  4. Guest speaker: Jen Maloney, gifted and talented specialist for WestWood and Redtail Ridge – presenting on educational gifts for the holidays (full presentation here)
    1. Gifts for spatial reasoning, problem solving, pattern matching
    2. Gifts for logic and reasoning skills
    3. Gifts for processing speed, planning, setting goals, making decisions, starting tasks, etc.
    4. Gifts for coders
    5. Gifts for engineering interests
    6. Red Balloon as a great list for readers
    7. Other parting thoughts:
      1. Parents should think of kids’ passion
      2. Get a purpose behind the gift, don’t get it because it’s fun or looks cool.
      3. Creativity is sparked most when things get messy. Parents are encouraged to see the joy in that!
      4. Go outside the box of rules – give them the gift of failure
  5. Discussion topics:
    1. Volunteer opportunities needed through Sign-up Genius:
      1. Child care during PTC meetings
      2. Lost and found during conferences
      3. Book fair during conferences
      4. Conference dinners
    2. DOGS update
      1. Idea came up to have a portable white board to take outside if needed – Karen is looking into this
      2. Dads and Donuts – looking to potentially schedule this in the spring when weather is better
      3. Might coordinate with high school kids to teach baseball or football or do something with sports
    3. Round robin
      1. Parent asked to consider making the WestWood PTC Facebook page a private group since it’s an open page. PTC is considering.

Motion to adjourn – Jessica

Seconded by Brian


Westwood PTC

Treasurer Report

October 2019

Starting Bank Balance (9/30/2019): $16,189.00


  • $176.00 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
  • $3,014.00 Premier Furniture & Equipment (Tables – part of flexible seating)
  • $167.64 Clay for art classes
  • $106.58 Supplies for ukulele racks built by DOGS
  • $1,454.76 Scholastic magazines for classrooms
  • $26.56 Office Max (File folders and postage stamps for treasurer)
  • $100.00 Extra petty cash for Westwood Safe for the book fair

Total Expenses October 2019: $5,045.54


  • $287.70 Wendy’s Family Night Income March-May 2019
  • $94.25 Refund of overpayment for student planners
  • $1,116.00 Butter Braids Sales & Donations (orders handed in early)

Total Income October 2019: $1,497.95

Current Bank Balance, 10/31/2019: $12,641.41

-Uncleared checks: $1,110.12

  • $110.12 Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats)
  • $1,000 Friends of Wolf Ridge (Donation to Scholarship Fund)

Final Bank Balance $11,531.29 + cash balance of $40 (School Store at Westwood)

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October 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

October 1st, 2019
Attendees: Jessica Olstad, President; Rachel Carlson, Vice President; Clare Presly, Treasurer; Dana Borror, Secretary; Principal Zwolinski; Stacey Sorensen; Alice Henry; Jaya Kokotovich; Melissa Campion; Becky Smith; Jim Speiker; Fides Moreno; Jamoa Ali

Welcome and Approval of September Minutes – Jessica Olstad
• Introduction of the board and panel guest speakers
• Request for approval of September minutes
• Motion to approve: Minutes approved

Principal Update – Principal Zwolinski
• Westwood newsletter went out today and contains lots of great highlights
• Updates on enrollment
• Announcements on school celebration
o No longer holding 1-hour parties to celebrate holidays
o Many celebrations through the year
o Opportunities for parents to volunteer
• Principal Zwolinski expresses gratitude for her time here as she prepares for her move to Hamilton Ridge

Treasurer Report – Clare Presly
• Current Balance
o Paid student benefit letters
o Paid for flexible seating and waiting for invoice for tables
o Paid for the planners which was more than anticipated
o Income from Rotary Club and Benevity
o Total expenses for September $20,126.86
o Balance $16,189.00

Guest Speakers: Panel on Behavior – Lisa Henningsen, Elizabeth Frye, Kirstin Stier
• Kristin Stier
o Sleep makes a huge difference – a well-rested child is a well-behaved child
o Routines and structure are highly important
o Mornings, after school, mealtime and bedtime are the most challenging
o See how your children problem solve on their own without stepping in
o Coach rather than punish. Sometimes children are lacking in a coping skill. Show them how to process these feelings/challenges.
o Understand that some behavior is age appropriate such as stealing
o Find ways to say yes to children
o Observe times to catch them doing good
o Stay calm – children model us
o Ross W. Green, author of The Explosive Child says,
“Children do well if they can” and “Children who need love the most ask for it in the most unloving ways”.
• Elizabeth Frye
o We need to model how making mistakes is okay
o When we as parents make a mistake, acknowledge it, talk through it
o Kids sometimes shut down when they don’t have the skills
o We need a growth mindset to get there together
o When homework is hard for our kids, how can you keep it positive?
o We don’t have a lot of time with our children when they get home for school, so adjust accordingly and find a routine and structure that works and leave some room for flexibility.
o Connect and reflect with your children before bed
• Lisa Hennigsen
o Preserve your relationship with your child
o If they’re struggling, take a break
o Know that nothing is more valuable than your relationship with your child
o Each child has their own path and sometimes you have to let go of expectations
o Be mindful of where your child is at and know that they want to please you
o Set them up for success with routines and structure
• Karen Zwolinski, 2 grown daughters
o Your children are not you. Sometimes you’ve got to get over yourself and adjust expectations.
o Accept the fact that sometimes they’re going to blow it
o As a parent, allow yourself some grace – you are doing what you can and doing your best.
• Question and Answer Session with Panelists
o What are age appropriate chores?
• cleaning the table off, taking the garbage out, empty dishwasher, put away clothes, washing the sink. Google has great ideas.
• Some things there are chores, some are part of being part of the family.
• Allowing them to have chores that earn money and sort them into give, spend and save will teach them good uses of money.
• Give your children choices of which chores they should do.
o What are the best ways to handle not listening?
• Don’t engage in power struggles
• Say it once and allow them time to process it
• Pick your battles
• Express family values – “this is how we act in this family. You have this choice or this choice. Here are consequences…”
• The biggest emotions are between a parent and a child and it’s easy to
get sucked down the rabbit hole of frustration.
• Prep yourself – if it goes this way, this is how I will react.
• Using Green choices and Red choices
• Be consistent, clarify expectations
• Oppositional behavior really shows up around 6
• The behavior changes show up as cognitive ability develops
 Find the opportunity for choices
•  Teach your children that every choice comes with a consequence (positive or negative)
o What is the best way to deal with children that are lying about things?
•  Use processing questions
• How did that make them/you feel?
• What can we do next time?
• Explain how that feels to you as a parent
•  Stay calm and get to the root
• What was the fear they were having that caused them to lie?
•  Help them understand that the problem typically gets worse with lying, not better.
•  Don’t accuse them, help them come around
o Is it best for children to do homework right after school or later in the evening?
•  Whatever works for your family
•  Each student is different
•  Define what works and create a schedule around that
•  Help your child with their time management and evaluate the right amount of time the task will take
o How can you get your child to open up about their day?
•  Open ended questions
•  Asking what the highs and lows are
•  Who did you sit with at lunch? What did you learn in math? What was the best part?
•  Summarizing is hard for kids so get specific
•  Share a story with them about your day and model it
•  What is your goal for the day? – ask that in the morning and then they’ll be more cognizant to push for something and tell you about it.
 Look at the calendar and check-in on what they did that day so that you can be specific
• Play would you rather and ask why after each question.
o What advice do you have to get kids to sleep?
•  No electronics an hour before bed
•  Read a story before bed
•  Routine
•  Shower and bath can be calming
•  Magnesium and melatonin
•  A four-step process for bed that can be put in any order and the child chooses – brush teeth, put on pj’s, read the book, use the washroom.
•  A warning helps – “In 10 minutes we’ll be going to bed”

Discussion Topics – Jessica Olstad
• Homecoming Week
o We’re in the middle of homecoming week
o First game is on Friday – 7:00 pm at Dan Patch Stadium
• We’re looking for childcare volunteers while the PTC meeting is occurring
o We are kid friendly, but we’d love a couple of volunteers to assist while parents attend the PTC meeting
o Link to volunteer located HERE
• Kindness in Chalk –
o Write encouraging fun messages on the sidewalk this Sunday
o It takes about an hour
o Chalk provided
o Link to volunteer located HERE
• Butter Braids and Read-a-Thon switch
o We’re switching the dates
o Read-a-thon will be in February during “I love to read” month
o Butter Braids will occur during fall
• DOGS Project Ideas
o Bryan Schultz has put DOGS together and Jim Speiker is representing tonight
o DOGS built ukulele racks for the music room
o Last Friday of every month is DOGS day and we’re encouraging parents to have lunch with their children at school or join their children at recess
o We had about 10 dads join last month
o DOGS will be getting together for Monday night football
o Working to encourage dads to be involved with children’s education
o Last year during the Read-a-thon it was brought up that we’d love to see an outdoor learning/reading space.
o We need to put up bird houses on the berm based on the kids research that they did last year. There are 5.
o Jeffers sold wood duck houses with DOGS and then sold them during parent teacher conferences and raised money for the school
o DOGS could build boot holders for the classrooms
o Old logo T-shirts
•  Old Westwood t-shirts can be made into cloth diapers
•  We would just need to cut them and a woman in Haiti sews them and
donates to local women in Haiti
•  This could be a good service project idea.
o We would need trailers to get access to some of the bigger games for family fun night.
•  Jim to reach out to DOGS and see if we can enlist some help with the trailers
•  All of the games are shared throughout the district

Round Robin Discussion – Group
• Homecoming night – free hot chocolate under the tent – we’d love to see you
• Some funds available PL Savage Optimist Club so if there is a worthy cause please let them know
• Fundraiser this Thursday at St. Michael’s Church (on SeeSaw)

Adjournment – Jessica Olstad
• Motion to adjourn – approved

Westwood PTC
Treasurer Report
September 2019

Starting Bank Balance (8/31/2019): $35,139.14
Cash Balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)
 $5,718 Student Benefit Dollars
 $110.85 Gina Gertner (Ice Cream Social Prizes)
 $11,360.90 Moving Minds (Flexible Seating)
 $50 Cash for the Westwood Safe
 $1,537.50 Student Planners
 $80 Noon Supervisors (Playground Equipment)
 $131.52 Writing Binders for 3 rd Grade
 $28.91 Walgreens (Ice Cream Social Expenses)
 $4.85 Cedar Printing (Ice Cream Social Expenses)
 $186.33 Schwann’s (Frozen treats for Ice Cream Social)
 $918 The Bakken Museum (4 th Field Trip – does not include SAGE)

Total Expenses September 2019: $20,126.86

 $1,155.30 Rotary Club (LakeFront MusicFest)
 $21.42 Benevity

Total Income September 2019: $1176.72

Current Bank Balance, 9/30/2019: $16,189.00

-Uncleared checks: $286.12
 $176 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
 $110.12 Ms Frye (5 th Grade Celebration Treats)

-Uncleared deposits: $12.75
 $12.75 Journal entry for school store

Final Bank Balance $15,915.63 + Cash balance: $40 ($40 School Store at Westwood)

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