May 2018 PTC Meeting Minutes

MINUTES – WestWood PTC Meeting – May 1

Attendees: Becky Smith, Carolyn Yagla (Community Education), Karen Zwolenski, Amy Zwart, Jenni Reimers, Jessica Olstad, Tony Hauschildt, Lori Bui, Melissa Campion, Heather LaRue

Principal Update (Karen)

  • Conferences went well and everyone is happy that spring is here! A lighter feeling in the air.
  • In the middle of MCA testing for 3, 4, 5 graders
  • Recent decisions made
    • Back-to-school night in fall–turning it into a true meet-and-greet to have a chance to talk to families and teachers, etc. The staff is taking out the presentation piece for the evening.
    • Ice cream social night– Will do a parent-teacher night with grade level teachers to talk about what they’ll do this year – all while the kids are playing and having ice cream.

Treasurer’s Report (Amy)

  • Taxes are officially filed (so fee came with that).
  • Fees coming up: yearbook stipend, field trips, track and field days
  • The PTC board met and agreed to buy planners for everyone in the fall. We’ll include another touchpoint for the PTC inside, like a letter, etc. The teachers at the meeting agreed that it was great for them – that way they KNOW every student has one.
  • Butter braid sales were very successful this year
  • $418.63 request for a grade 3 field trip to Target Field.
  • Amy would like to put together a budget draft together for next year

Discussion Topics (All)

  • Looking ahead to fall – will ask NHS and Junior Optimist kids to perhaps provide child care at conference nights for parents.
  • Melissa Campion reports great feedback from everyone on the lost and found set-up. She added that she might need more help at the end to help clean up. The PTC is also officially signed up for Mabel’s Labels come fall. That might also be useful to pack for Wolf Ridge.
  • The teachers are looking to eliminate the kindness retreat and maybe Art Adventure if we can’t get volunteer coordinators.
  • Classroom liaisons. Could we utilize them more? Could there be grade teams? Rally each other?
  • Big Idea investments: center fundraising around bigger items (an outdoor learning space? flexible seating, microscopes)
  • PTC fridge – the PTC will move forward to get quotes, leaning toward new vs. used (because a new one will be delivered)
  • Three PTC boards in the district are on board to provide some kind of “seed money” for new school when built
  • Tony will draft letter for Karen to send out requesting board recruitment. The PTC needs a vice president and secretary come fall.
  • A rep with Community Education (Carolyn Yagla) attended the meeting for feedback and how she can help. The CE is starting fall planning. Anyone can feel free to reach out to her at or 952-226-0094.


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June 2018 PTC Meeting Minutes

June 2018 PTC Meeting, 6/4/2018 6:30 PM

Attendees: Karen Zwolenski, Gina Hendrickson, Amy Zwart, Becky Smith, Jessica Olstad, Nichole Meyer, Heather LaRue, Melissa Campion, Stacey Sorenson, Kim Frantz

May Minutes:

• Kim motioned to approve, Jessica seconded. Motion passed

Principal Update:

  • Construction timeline updates are online at PLSAS website
  • Mrs. Zwolenski is very happy with the process and the team working on it
  • Enrollment Update: This number changes day to day. Right now we have, with WW and SAGE combined, 512 students. This number is down from last year.
  • 4th grade La Ola Del Lago will be at housed at WW next year
  • 5 sections of SAGE next year
  • Schoology will be discontinued at elementary level next year. It will be replaced with SeeSaw.
    • How will PTC send out meeting notices, smore newsletter, announcements using SeeSaw????
    • Will there be a calendar on SeeSaw similar to Schoology????

District office and IT is looking into these questions

  • It has been a great month!!!

    Treasurer Report/Budget Update

  • Handouts given – see attachment
  • Lots of end-of-year spending
  • Yearbook stipend has changed – payment has to go through the district office
  • Request for Eagle Scout to make Gaga Ball Pit – $1500
    • Would be weather sustainable
    • $500 already raised from cap day
    • For recess and playground use (PE teachers will show the kids how to safely use and play)
    • Building and Grounds people are making sure it will be safe
    • Putittoavote-Allinfavor-passed
  • Request for organizing unit in Staff Lounge – $200 – passed
  • Request for funds to purchase new fridge/freezer – will be added to draft budget for 2018/2019
  • Amy is working on a draft budget for next year


  • “Big Ideas”
    • Flexible seating options
    • Outdoor spaces (this might be better to wait until after construction)Microscopes
  • We want to start working on the Read-a-thon in August. We will need committee members.
  • Jessica will put out an email to recruit more members

At August Meeting

  • Ask teachers to put out BRAVO and ART ADVENTURE sign ups.
  • K-2 Bravo, 3-5 Art Adventure

Paul Larson Visited

• He wanted to personally thank the PTC for the rollerblades
• He brought down a cart and the gear to show the group
• The rollerblades have been great, but the pads are showing some wear and tear

Coordinator Updates for 2018/2019 School Year

• Openings

• BRAVO (can connect with Kim F for transition)• Art Adventure (maybe)
• SUG (can connect with Gina H for transition)
• PTC Website Maintenance

• Xinyun Zhuhas volunteered to take over the Butter Braids Fundraiser

Great Start to Kindergarten

• PTC table
• T-shirt sales – We will have the sizes on hand, but will sell on FeePay
• Collect emails for SUGs
• Coordinator opening sign-ups will be available – Amy has handouts created

Action Items Prior to Next Meeting

• Jessica will compose an email regarding Read-a-thon, Bravo, Art Adventure,

• Jessica will email the t-shirt vendor regarding potential redesign
• Amy will talk to Beverley about possibly having two shirts to sell next year
• Board needs to update the PTC calendar for 2018/2019 school year

• Amy will follow up with Eagle Scout regarding Gaga Ball Pit

• Amy will work on draft budget for next year
• Becky will prep an SUG for NHS childcare
• Gina will check with the office if the Aug 6th date works

Meeting Adjourned

Gina motioned to adjourn meeting. Amy seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: MONDAY, August 6, 2018 at 6:30 at the SAVAGE City Hall, Oxford Room

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