January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Westwood PTC – Minutes from February 4, 2020 meeting

In attendance: Rachel Carlson, Clare Presly, Karen Zwolenski, Melissa Campion, Alice Henry, Michelle Swenson

  1. Welcome, no minutes for approval.
  2. Principal update: Karen shared that the Westwood Express newsletter went home with children. We chatted a bit about the outdoor learning improvements. That it may be a good idea to slow down changes to outdoor learning until the new staff gets established next year and that Caroline Warner is well versed in outdoor learning and has some ideas for how to improve the space. Possibly hold funds for next year for the outdoor learning equipment and assign specific areas to specific teachers to design and maintain the spaces? Karen has a list for outdoor learning cart supplies.
  3. Treasurer report:
    $1,250 payment of sales tax to MN Dept of State (two BB fundraisers in one year and Crayola Experience sales.)
    b. $474.40 2nd grade trip to the Science Museum.
    c. $156 kindergarten field trip to Dakotah Village.
    d. $40.51 Labels for RAT.
    e. $22.97 Labels for RAT.
    f. $22.97 Labels for RAT.
    a. $80 Refund for overpayment of Student Benefit Dollars.
    Total January 2020 Income: $80
    Current Bank Balance
    (1/30/20): $14,471.82
    Uncleared checks: $357.50
    ($195 Snake Discovery – ESTEM night/$162.50 K field trip to Children’s Theatre)
    Final Bank Balance $14,114.32 + cash balance of $40 (School Store)
    ~ Funding Request of magazines for Ms. Tindal.
  4. Discussion Topics:
    a. RAT website issues. Alexa came with prizes Feb 4. Melissa shared that we are recognizing students by book recommendation rather than name.
    b. Butter Braids did well (better than projected) but not quite as much as last year due to the earlier time in the year. Hopefully that means that next year will be even more!
    c. DOGS – no DOGS in attendance tonight. Brian asked that I share that the DOGS will be hosting an ice fishing outing on Feb. 16. Melissa suggested that we ask the DOGS to run the games for FFN? A request was made for the DOGS to make “tree cookies” in any quantity and size for Kindergarten. (link: https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/education_safety/education/plt/activity_sheets/treeCookie.pdf)
    d. FFN discussion. Presale was brought up. Thoughts are that we need to discuss not only the presale for entry and food but also the possibility of having an “entry fee” vs. activity bracelets. Also, we should have food items rounded to the dollar rather than messing with coins this year. Michelle will not be in town for FFN but will have the squares and Ipads available for the event. She plans to have all auction baskets ready by Thursday night. We are sticking to the same themes for classrooms as last year. Need to make a request for baskets.
  5. Round Robin Discussion:
    – There has been a “grand shuffle” of teachers and staff throughout the district for next year.
    – A Connect to Kindergarten event was held with staff from WW, JP and HR.
    – Dropoff procedure in the morning was discussed and sounds to be a safety concern for parents. Should the west entry be blocked off at the parking lot so vehicles cannot enter from that side?

Motion to Adjourn –Melissa. Second by Michelle.

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November 2019 PTC Meeting Minutes

WestWood PTC – Minutes from Nov. 4 Meeting

In attendance: Jessica Olstad, Karen Zwolenski, Clare Presly, Sarah Zieman, Dana Niemann, Jen Maloney, Brian Schulz, Alice Henry, Jaya Kokotovich

  1. Welcome and approval of October minutes – this did not happen, as copies weren’t made in time for the meeting. A vote did not take place. Will vote at next meeting.
  2. Principal update:
    1. Communication about a standard re-unification method was sent by Dr. Staloch to all district parents. Karen says it’s “pretty straightforward” and she’s “proud to be part of this district (that’s so) proactive.”
    2. WestWood enrollment is stable at this point in the year
  3. Treasurer report
    1. WestWood paid for the last of the flex seating ($3,014)
    2. PTC paid for the Wolf Ridge scholarships (kids go first week in December) ($1,000)
    3. PTC paid for magazines for classrooms ($1,454,76)
    4. Butter Braids income so far: $19,178. Last year, we had $22K, but more is expected to come in the next few days.
    5. Jessica will sign tax forms to turn in.
  4. Guest speaker: Jen Maloney, gifted and talented specialist for WestWood and Redtail Ridge – presenting on educational gifts for the holidays (full presentation here)
    1. Gifts for spatial reasoning, problem solving, pattern matching
    2. Gifts for logic and reasoning skills
    3. Gifts for processing speed, planning, setting goals, making decisions, starting tasks, etc.
    4. Gifts for coders
    5. Gifts for engineering interests
    6. Red Balloon as a great list for readers
    7. Other parting thoughts:
      1. Parents should think of kids’ passion
      2. Get a purpose behind the gift, don’t get it because it’s fun or looks cool.
      3. Creativity is sparked most when things get messy. Parents are encouraged to see the joy in that!
      4. Go outside the box of rules – give them the gift of failure
  5. Discussion topics:
    1. Volunteer opportunities needed through Sign-up Genius:
      1. Child care during PTC meetings
      2. Lost and found during conferences
      3. Book fair during conferences
      4. Conference dinners
    2. DOGS update
      1. Idea came up to have a portable white board to take outside if needed – Karen is looking into this
      2. Dads and Donuts – looking to potentially schedule this in the spring when weather is better
      3. Might coordinate with high school kids to teach baseball or football or do something with sports
    3. Round robin
      1. Parent asked to consider making the WestWood PTC Facebook page a private group since it’s an open page. PTC is considering.

Motion to adjourn – Jessica

Seconded by Brian


Westwood PTC

Treasurer Report

October 2019

Starting Bank Balance (9/30/2019): $16,189.00


  • $176.00 Games By James (Crayola Tickets)
  • $3,014.00 Premier Furniture & Equipment (Tables – part of flexible seating)
  • $167.64 Clay for art classes
  • $106.58 Supplies for ukulele racks built by DOGS
  • $1,454.76 Scholastic magazines for classrooms
  • $26.56 Office Max (File folders and postage stamps for treasurer)
  • $100.00 Extra petty cash for Westwood Safe for the book fair

Total Expenses October 2019: $5,045.54


  • $287.70 Wendy’s Family Night Income March-May 2019
  • $94.25 Refund of overpayment for student planners
  • $1,116.00 Butter Braids Sales & Donations (orders handed in early)

Total Income October 2019: $1,497.95

Current Bank Balance, 10/31/2019: $12,641.41

-Uncleared checks: $1,110.12

  • $110.12 Ms Frye (5th Grade Celebration Treats)
  • $1,000 Friends of Wolf Ridge (Donation to Scholarship Fund)

Final Bank Balance $11,531.29 + cash balance of $40 (School Store at Westwood)

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